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Home Remedies to Fight Stress and Anxiety

Swarali Jambhale Mar 16, 2019
"Stress" and "Anxiety" are gradually becoming workplace trends! Ever-racing heart beats and trembles of nervousness pervading through the body is what you would want to deep-six with healthful remedies sitting at home!

Restore Your Vim and Vigor With Herbs

Kava Root

Member of the pepper family, this most operative herbal supplement to treat stress and anxiety has a group of compounds namely “kavalactones” that promote relaxation. 18 kavalactones being identified in kava root, it is sure to get your mind at peace! Moreover, Kava is so effective that it is also at times called as “nature’s Valium”.

Lemon Balm

Member of the mint family, this perennial herb emits a strong lemony scent when its leaves are crushed. It also produces an essential oil which is valued in aromatherapy for its calming and relaxing potential. Lemon Balm tea has been an old age remedy to reduce stress and anxiety.
Herbal supplements comfort stress and anxiety levels. Pior Living Chyawanprash is one such nutritive jam, with a blend of 35 herbal ingredients making it a reliable supplement to reduce these emotion levels. Roots of Ashwagandha and Shatavari, Bacopa leaf, Holy basil leaf, etc. are some of the ingredients of Chyawanprash that combat stress and anxiety.

Find Your Balance!

Exercise to Be in a Sound Mind

Exercising is a sure-shot way to burn off anxious and stressful calories. 30 minutes of stress-busting exercise for 3-5 days in a week is a way of detoxifying your body from these emotions. Also, setting small goals and achieving them independently, helps tossing out stress and anxiety.

Meditation Solves Everything

Meditation is reinvigorating as a practical dose for battling mental health issues. Chaos demands attention and such attention develops stress. So, just breathe in to create space in the body and exhale to let out the gloominess in you. Meditation rooted in quietness, emancipates the mind making your awareness stronger than your anger.

Sleep and Go Stress Less

Stress and anxiety have a two-way relationship with sleep. When long working hours cut into the usual sleep hours, stress and anxiety levels shoot up. So, a good night’s sleep, i.e 7-9 hours, becomes a stress buster and revives the mind to make a fresh new start the next sunrise!

Spend Time With Music

Music truly fills the mind and body with overwhelming sentiments with its deftness to influence human emotion. A variety of musical moods can create waves of calmness and peace in stressful situations and make the person harmonious. So, charge your happy hormones with melodies and give your anxiety and stress levels a break!

Road To Mental Wellness!

Communicate With Your Emotions

Paving way to communicate with emotions makes stress and anxiety more manageable. So, sail through the darkness and halt at an end with light full of positivity as you phrase up your emotions and extricate your feelings!

Say Thank You!

The word itself is a stress buster! Gratitude is the best medicine for ever increasing stress levels. To our surprise, 23% of low levels of stress hormone 'Cortisol' have been credited in the name of gratitude! So, before you drift off, drop a line of at least 3 things you are thankful for and close your day in positivity to prevail over stress and anxiety!

Analyze Your Thoughts

“Catastrophizing” is the mindset one tends to get into. Once the cycle of bad thoughts initiates, it never ends! Negativity then gropes mind with appalling thoughts and figments of imagination. So, just stop. Breathe deep, take a stroll, eat a snack and start a second time.

Feel Alive Again

Untreated anxiety and stress can deteriorate the quality of life causing more stress in lieu of decreasing stress. One may have to try several combinations of remedies to find a blend that works. However, anxiety and stress are those emotion related disorders that can be positively treated with such home remedies.