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Best Head Cold Remedies

Best Head Cold Remedies

Want to know effective remedies for that troublesome cold? Try the ones mentioned in this article.
Neha Joshi
Head colds are something that everyone has to deal with at some point or the other. Also called 'common cold', it doesn't last for more than a few days and doesn't have many consequences either. However, it can be painful while it lasts and very irritating too. To treat it effectively, here are several things you can try.

6 Remedies to Fight Your Head Cold

Salt Water
Yes, you should have believed your grandmother. Salt water, an age-old remedy for colds and coughs, does work as one of the best cures. It soothes down the cold and cough, though not as quickly as antibiotics.

Blow Your Nose
Blowing your nose from time to time will help you have a clear nose, that will ease your breathing and avoid congestion of the nostrils due to cold. This will not only cure the problem, but also prevent it from then onward.

We can't flush out the cold, but we can drink enough fluids that might help in the process. Juices, lemon water, normal water, and other liquids can help in getting rid of the cold. These help in preventing dehydration and loosen the congestion of the nostrils and sinusitis. Although these fluids help, there are some that don't, such as caffeine drinks and alcohol.

Chicken Soup
Yes, chicken soup is one of the best head cold remedies as it works in not one, but two ways. First, it helps in the movement of immune system cells called neutrophils, which help in the inflammatory response of the body. Second, it increases the movement of the mucus, helping in getting rid of time-bound viruses; it also relieves congestion.

Nasal Drops and Sprays
Saline nasal sprays and drops are an important part of the treatment as they fight the congestion in the nostrils caused due to mucus; they're recommended by many doctors. Sometimes, the drops are instilled only in one nostril and are suctioned out by a bulb syringe. The best part about this remedy is that it has no side effects that will cause major problems. However, consultation of a doctor is a must nevertheless.

Head cold viruses are known to grow more in winters and cold temperatures. Dry air helps in drying of the mucous membranes. It also leads to a scratchy throat at times. To use this as remedy, you can get a humidifier to add moisture to your house. However, clean it regularly as this can be a thriving place for mold and bacteria if not cleaned from time to time.

Another cure that can help is Echinacea, which is actually a herbal remedy, but is available in tablets; it is considered one of the best medicines for head cold. Some other remedies that might work, such as inhaling aromas of certain teas or consuming garlic-heated water, should also be given a try.