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Simple and Effective Eyelid Twitching Remedies You Can Refer To

Eyelid Twitching Remedies
The twitching of the eyelid is an involuntary (uncontrollable) movement that can get pretty annoying after a while. However, there are quite a few useful remedies for the same.
Dhanya Joy
Last Updated: Mar 19, 2018
Most of us must have experienced eyelid twitching at some point or the other. It is considered to be involuntary muscle spasms caused due to various reasons and can affect either of the eyes, or even both. The ones that last for a few minutes may not require the use of any remedies, but those that last longer will require some kind of treatment. Eye twitches that last longer than a few days are considered to be a medical condition known as blepharospasm.
According to Medilexicon's medical dictionary,blepharospasm is the "involuntary spasmodic contraction of the orbicularis oculi muscle; may occur in isolation or be associated with other dystonic contractions of facial jaw, or muscles; usually initiated or aggravated by emotion, fatigue or drugs."

This condition can be cured with the help of a few simple remedies. Sometimes, when you find the reasons to your problem, those reasons also become your solution to it. Let us see the causes of eyelid twitching first.
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Twitching of eyes can occur due to several reasons. Allergies, dry eyes, tiredness, caffeine, alcohol, eye strain, stress, and nutritional imbalances can be a few of them. However, twitching can also be caused due to some neurological complications. Such conditions should be treated by an eye doctor. Although blepharospasm is not considered as a serious medical condition, it is essential that you get your eyes checked for appropriate diagnosis of the underlying cause.
Remedies You Need to Follow
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The most obvious remedies of eyelid twitching are the ones that cause them to happen.
- Diet: Low intake of caffeine and alcohol, proper rest and enough of sleep, a balanced nutritious diet, etc., can help in ceasing the twitch.
- Stress: Also, do not stress over things, do not strain your eyes by watching television for too long or by staring at the computer screen. Do not spend long hours reading or on the computer. Take breaks after a few hours and during this time, shut your eyes and give it some rest.
- Hygiene: Besides these, wash your eyes at regular intervals and check for things you are allergic to (could be food, creams, makeup, etc.).
- Eyedrops: You should also use eyedrops to lubricate your eyes. This will stop the twitching and symptoms accompanying it.
- Nutrients: Include high quantities of food rich in vitamins, potassium, zinc, and magnesium to prevent and cure eye twitches. Also, consume vitamins, potassium, and B-complex dietary supplements if you are prone to frequent eye twitches.
- Eye Exercises: Practice eye care exercises, like concentrating on a distant object, gently rubbing your eyes in an anticlockwise and clockwise direction, and closing and opening your eyelids in a slow motion.
- Stop Fidgeting: Avoid rubbing your eyes vigorously as this can lead to eye twitching and eye injuries.
Curing a Twitching Eye at Home
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- Bananas: One of the well-known home remedies is eating bananas. This fruit has a high content of potassium and zinc that can help a great deal in curing eye twitching.
- Eye Coolers: Slice a thin piece of potato or cucumber and place it on the eyes. Their cooling effect helps in relaxing the eye muscles and provides relief.
- Rose Water: Use a few drops of rose water as eye drops to clean your eyes and relax the eye muscles. Soak a cotton eye pad in some cold rose water and apply it to the eyes to relieve the eyes of strain.
- Cold Water: Splash your face and eyes with ice-cold water for immediate relief from eye twitching and irritations.
- Face Massages: Massaging your face will help in relaxing all the nerves that cover your face. It will also relax the twitching nerve, providing you relief.

You will need to consult a doctor and seek medical advice in case the eye twitching is not reduced or eliminated within a week, or if the twitching is extremely rapid and violent. Leaving eye twitches untreated can lead to many eye problems and even an inability in opening the eyes. While minor eye twitching goes away on its own after a few minutes, the one that lasts longer or is accompanied by eye pain, watery eyes, and discomfort should be shown to your doctor for better diagnosis and treatment.
Visit a Doctor if ...
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- The twitching spreads to your face.
- Your eyelid closes completely.
- Your vision starts blurring.
- Your eyes start getting very sensitive.
- The twitching gets painful.
- Your eyes twitch a lot more than it used to earlier.
- It's been a week and your eye is still twitching.
- You get fever because of the twitching.