Hair Growth Secrets That'll Enhance Your Crowning Glory

Hair Growth Secrets
Are you looking for ways to stop excessive hair loss? Interested in knowing how to grow hair fast? Like actors, actresses and super models, you can also have healthy and shiny hair. Here are some natural hair growth secrets, they can help enhance your crowning glory.
HolisticZine Staff
Last Updated: Mar 26, 2018
The most distinguishing feature of your face is your hair, which can add a lot of confidence and grace to your personality. Thick and long hair is a sign of good overall health. While women have the tendency to look for fast hair growth secrets, there are no shortcuts for long and thick hair.
If the question 'how to get thicker hair naturally' is haunting you, you should follow a healthy and balanced diet, as it provides the essential nutrients for hair growth and helps the hair care products to work efficiently. You are expected to change bad habits like partying, drinking, chatting, reading, watching television late nights, irregular lunch and dinners, etc. Certain medicines and hair care products can cause hair loss. Excessive smoking and alcohol abuse can also damage your hair. Regularity in eating and sleeping patterns matters a lot, when it comes to fast hair growth.
How to Grow Hair Fast
Protein Sources
Increase Protein Intake : High protein diet is the main secret of long and strong hair. As hair itself is made up of protein, increased supply of protein helps improve the health of your hair. The protein treatment for hair involves use of protein products in market or sufficient intake of dairy and animal products. Milk, yogurt, chicken, eggs, fish, sprouts, nuts, cheese, pulses and lentils are packed with good quality proteins. So, they can help you have strong hair. Healthy diet and hair growth go hand in hand.
Protein Sources
Use Natural Hair Care Products : Hair care products that contain harmful chemicals like sodium laureth sulfate can weaken the scalp and lead to hair fall. You should not use such products. Read the labels carefully while buying the products. Besides, you should not change the products very often. Shampooing and conditioning once or twice in a week help maintain the health of your hair. Excessive shampooing or excessive use of hair dryer, dyes, colors, sprays, mousse, and unnecessary curling or straightening of hair can damage your hair.
Vitamin Foods
Increase Vitamin Intake : Although vitamin B12 is the main secret of strong hair, you need to consume all vitamins (A, B, C, D, E and K). A diet rich in vitamins and minerals like zinc, chromium, selenium, and copper promotes fast growth of hair. Deficiency of nutrients can be the cause of dull and lifeless hair. Vitamin E contains antioxidants which protect cell membranes from damage. It improves the health and appearance of hair.
Woman showing capsule
Take Dietary Supplements : Hair specialists usually prescribe amino acid supplements for strong hair as they help in protein synthesis. Various vitamin supplements promote hair growth and improve the texture of your hair.
Woman Receiving Scalf Massage
Massage the Scalp : Massaging the head and scalp with warm coconut, almond, aloe vera or tea tree oil works great for hair fall. Massage stimulates the hair follicles and promotes fast growth. It reduces dryness and strengthens the hair. It can be considered as a perfect hair moisturizing treatment.
Henna Powder and Lemon
Other Remedies : Other natural products which can be used for massage are lemon juice, yogurt, egg yolk, black tea, aloe vera gel, etc. Use of Ayurvedic herbs like henna and hibiscus, and apple cider vinegar can improve the color and quality of your hair significantly. These constitute the top hair growth secrets.
Girl with comb
Proper Combing : Do not comb the hair when wet. Use of a wide toothed comb to brush your hair helps reduce breakage.
Hair Cutting
Regular Trimming :Trimming of hair once every 2-3 months helps avoid split ends. You should allow your hair to remain free before braiding it once again. This helps prevent a receding hairline.
Treatment with herbs
Use of Aromatherapy : There exist various aromatherapy recipes for hair which involve use of essential oils like jojoba oil, lavender oil, rosemary oil, etc.
Sliced Strawberries
Use Herbal Hair Masks : Strawberry crush or avocado crush, when used to massage the hair, offer necessary nutrients. You should cover the head with a warm damp towel for 30-45 minutes and then wash.
Woman Drinking Water
Drink Plenty of Water : Drinking adequate water (6-8 glasses per day) and healthy liquids like fruit juices, milk, soups, milkshakes, lemonade, etc., helps prevent dehydration. Scarcity of water in your body can cause hair loss.
Girl during yoga
Other Factors : Climate, type of food and spices consumed, lifestyle, overall physical and mental health matter a lot when it comes to hair growth. Thick hair reflect your mental and physical health. Excessive anxiety and stress lead to hair loss. Yoga, meditation and regular exercise help improve the levels of hormones in your body which in turn ensure physical and mental health. Genetic disposition also determines the quality, type and texture of your hair.
Hair care plays an important role in the lifestyle of those who have coarser, thicker and fragile hair. Those who have black hair can also follow the instructions mentioned above. As you now know how to prevent and stop the loss of your hair, you should not be jealous of the super models who flaunt their thick, long and shiny hair. With dietary and lifestyle changes, you can also have strong and attractive hair.