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How to Get Rid of Gas Pain

How to Get Rid of Gas Pain

Troubled by gas and the inevitable pain that comes with it? Wondering how to get rid of the pain? The following article will tell you how to do that.
Rujuta Borkar
Most of us have been troubled by that stomach knotting, bloated feeling in the pit of the stomach. Severe gas pain (or mild, even) is never comforting. And, evidently, that happens when you eat waaaay too much food (high fiber mostly), let in too much air while eating, and do not let it digest well enough. It may also come about if you stay on an empty stomach for too long and thereby allow a vacuum to be created. Other reasons could also include drinking aerated drinks. Either which way, it brings with it the trouble of having to deal with gas pain. So you naturally wonder how to get rid of it. There are several ways by which this can be done. Let us go through those in the following sections.

Gas Pain and What to Do About It

How do you know it's gas pain and not anything else? For that, you'll need to know some symptoms of the same. The most obvious being abdominal pain, bloating, and flatulence. There might also be the feeling of pain in the chest region. So when you know you have these, you have to carry out remedies. Simple. Here are some of the most natural ones that combine both exercise and medication.

Fenugreek and Water
Take a spoonful of fenugreek onto the palm of your hands. Heat some water to the temperature that you feel is comfortable enough to swallow. But let it be hot and not lukewarm. Now, place the seeds into your mouth and just bite them once or twice (and that's it), then swallow with water. This not only leads to gas relief but also rids you of the ache and pain.

Hot Water
Hot water is one of the best means to get rid of gas pain. Warm about a glassful and then sip it down. This will also help to build pressure so that you can pass motions. Which is again another natural way for bringing about stomach gas relief.

Garlic Clove and Clarified Butter
Clarified butter is a very, very popular ingredient in Asian households and is given a lot of importance in Ayurveda. So you take 1-2 garlic cloves and roast them in about ½-1 tsp of clarified butter in a pan for a minute till it turns brown. Now bite on this and swallow. Garlic is an excellent digestive product and butter has medicinal properties.

Do not ever underestimate this one. You feel like there's gas pain making way, you just start walking. Simple jogging and spot running will improve blood circulation and help relieve the pain.

Yoga Poses
There are three yoga poses that come to mind as far as gas relief is concerned. Here's how you go about them:
  • Lie on your stomach and bending your right or left knee lift it till your stomach on the side. Lie in this position for a good 10-15 minutes. This pose puts pressure on the stomach and leads to an effective flatulence cure.
  • For this one, rest on all fours. Now place a pillow under your head and literally lie down till your shoulders touch the floor and your butt is in the air. Might seem rather crude, yes, but it works wonders as one of the most effective intestinal gas remedies.
  • The third one is called pawanmuktasana literally translated―the wind removing pose. Lie on your back with your arms stretched to the side and parallel to your thighs. Now lift your legs up to a 90 degree angle without bending at the knees. Then fold at the knees and bring your legs down to rest over the chest. The knees and toes should be clasped together and pressure should be maintained on the belly. Lift your hands from the sides and wrap them around the knees, as if hugging them, increasing the pressure. Lift your head up and take it in the direction of your knees while trying to place your chin on your knees. Stay in this pose for as long as you can. You'll feel relief almost instantly. Release the pose by bringing the neck down, then the hands, then inhale and take your legs into the 90 degree position again and exhale while bringing them down to the floor.
Experiment to see which method suits you best and then apply it. Or use a combination of 2-3 different methods for the much-needed relief. All of these are home remedies used without the help of synthetic medicines. Win, win.