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How to Make Aloe Vera Juice

How to Make Aloe Vera Juice
Drinking aloe vera juice is extremely good for your body as it offers a number of health benefits. While aloe vera gel is commonly used externally, its juice can be taken internally to get maximum benefits of the same.
Mamta Mule
Aloe vera juice
Aloe vera is popularly known for the numerous health benefits that it offers. This nutrient rich plant has anti-viral, anti-bacterial and healing properties which help relieve various digestive system problems. Its topical use is one of the best treatments for various skin and hair problems. While many use aloe vera gel as a topical remedy for soothing skin problems or for improving the hair texture, many opt to take its juice internally to get internal health benefits.
Drinking this juice once or twice a day, daily is known to detoxify the blood stream and helps cleanse your colon. Adding this to your routine health care regime will ensure good health with noticeable reduction in various health problems. Well, for this you need to know the right procedure of making aloe vera juice from the gel. Let us understand how to make aloe vera juice at home in the following sections.
Step #1
Take an aloe vera leaf and wash it thoroughly under tap water. Now pat dry it using a kitchen towel. Now cut off 1-1½ inches base of this leaf which is whitish in color. You will need half part of a leaf to make one glass of fresh juice. If the leaf is thin and small, use the entire leaf. Store the unused part of leaf by packing it in a plastic box in your refrigerator.
Step #2
Now take the entire piece of leaf from which you will be extracting the gel to make the juice. Start working on the recipe by cutting off the spines of this leaf which run along each side of the leaf. Now the leaf has outer skin left on its top and bottom part, one of which needs to be removed in order to scrape out the gel. Take a sharp knife and start removing the skin from upper side of aloe vera leaf, holding the leaf's end with one hand and slowly slicing off the skin by holding the knife horizontally in other hand.
Step #3
Once the skin on one side is removed you have the thick layer of gel left with on the bottom skin. You can now slice off this gel into a bowl. Now you will have one or more thick fillets of gel in the bowl. Add cold water to this bowl so as to clean the gel which can't be cleaned with running water.
Step #4
Transfer the gel fillets from bowl into a blender. You can add litter water to the blender jar and close its lid. Blend it well to make the juice. You can make the juice thick by adding less amount of water. Transfer the juice into a glass and get ready to sip the healthy drink. Make sure that you do not leave the juice for long time and drink it soon after its prepared.
Wondering how to make this juice taste better? Well, that's easy. Those who want to make it taste sweet, just add a spoon of sugar to the juice. You can add more if required and have fresh and pure juice. Another idea is to add orange juice to aloe vera juice. Many blend orange juice along with the aloe vera gel fillets to ensure that they get mixed properly. Some people add a few drops of lemon to this juice. Lemon juice is also good for health and imparts a unique taste to the juice when added with the same. Well, I am sure you are going to try making the juice very soon. So what are you waiting for make it to start your day with a healthy drink!