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How to Unclog Ears

How to Unclog Ears

The following article will tell you some of the best ways of how to unclog ears and get some much-needed relief.
Rujuta Borkar
Have you ever had clogged ears? Irritating, isn't it? It almost feels like you're in a surreal world with the sounds blocked and muffled, like hearing something from under the ocean or through layers of clothing. And then try as you may, it doesn't just go away. So what is one to do about this ear problem and how is one to know how to unclog ears? Simple. Just read the following article and you shall have some of the best methods of unclogging ears from congestion.


Clogging of ears is not only an uncomfortable feeling but could also be an indication of something wrong with the body. There are three main reasons that could lead to the clogging of your ears. These are:
  • Mucus accumulation due to sinus
  • Excess earwax formation
  • Pressure imbalance in ears
All these reasons could lead to the blocking of ears and thus affect the ability to hear well. In the remainder of this article we will be looking into some of the ways in which we can unclog ears and bring about relief.


If the ear has been clogged due to the formation of excess mucus, then it is imperative that you get rid of it first. One of the best ways to do that is to do a normal steam routine. For this, boil water till it's scalding hot and put in 1-2 drops of eucalyptus oil. Cover your head with a thick and long towel and make sure that it covers the entire bowl of water. Close your eyes and take the steam. Every time it feels like you can't breathe, come out for fresh air. Continue doing this till the water is hot enough for the steam to form. Following this procedure twice a day will clear out the sinus and hence the mucus formation.

Hydrogen Peroxide and a Q-Tip
Take a Q-tip and dip it in a solution of hydrogen peroxide. Now insert this in the ear canal (very gently) but make sure that you do not drive it in with force or it could rupture the eardrum. The hydrogen peroxide acts to clear out not only the sinus and mucus formation, but also the excess wax that might have accumulated. While the hydrogen peroxide bubbles, try and open and close your mouth (like a yawn) in all directions. This will help the built up ear pressure to dispense. You could even try pouring some of the solution in the ears, letting it stay and then draining it out.

Other Methods
There are some other methods that you can use to unclog your ears. Here are some of them.
  • Using a neti pot to clear the sinus formation for a clogged ear has always been considered one of the better methods, but one has to read the instructions very carefully before attempting to do this.
  • Another simple and effective treatment is to hold your breath and blow into your mouth. This is known to dispel the built up pressure and unclog the blocked ear.
  • Eating gum is considered to be one of the best and the simplest ways of going about getting some clogged ear relief.
  • Take some rosemary leaves and crush them. Add a tiny blob of any vaporub in it and then pack it up in a small tissue and insert in the ears. This will clear out the blockage.
  • Clean the wax in your ears by using some of the earwax removal methods or visiting an ENT doctor for the same.
There are some things that you can change in your diet and help the process of de-clogging ears as well:
  • Drinking plenty of water helps to make the mucus runny and therefore easier to drain out.
  • Including garlic and ginger in your diet will act as natural decongestants and help to dispel the mucus, hence clearing the clogged ear.
Unclogged ears are not a very comforting feeling, that we all know. Lucky for you then that you have some methods on how to unclog them. So use them and you won't have to deal with the problem any more. Simple.