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Pressure Points for Migraine Relief You'll Thank Us for Giving You

Migraine Relief Pressure Points
Migraine is a neurological syndrome which causes severe headache and nausea. If certain points on the body are subjected to pressure, it helps relieve the pain associated with migraine.
Vipul Lovekar
Last Updated: Jan 13, 2018
Migraine is more commonly observed in women than men, and the sufferers may feel intense pain. In some cases, migraines may be a lifelong condition. Scientists have termed migraine as a neurological syndrome. To avoid its advance, medical practitioners are known to give analgesics for headache and antiemetics for nausea. What the exact causes of migraine are yet unknown, the syndrome is considered idiopathic.
Phases of Migraines
migraine attack
Migraine occurs in four phases. They are predrome, aura, pain, and postdrome.
  • Predrome: In this stage, altered mood, depression or euphoria, yawning and dizziness occurs hours or days before the actual migraine attack.
  • Aura: This phase begins minutes before the actual headache. The symptoms are visual, sensory and motor in nature.
  • Pain: The headache can be mild to severe. This phase can last from 4 to 72 hours. The pain gradually peaks and then subsides.
  • Postdrome: In this phase, the patients may suffer from mild headache. Some people may feel very depressed and others may feel unusually euphoric.
Pressure Points for Migraine Relief
Many acupressure techniques offer relief from migraine and they make use of pressure points. Applying acupressure to these pressure points can be helpful. The following details are very effective for relief in acupressure therapy.
head massage
This is not actually a point, it is a line. Imagine a line from between the center of ears and stretching to the top of your head. Applying acupressure on this line will relieve your headache, nausea or even dizziness.
hand palm
This relief point is in between your thumb and index finger. Move the thumb of your other hand to the point where your index finger and thumb meet. There will be an area where you can feel slight depression. Well this is a relief point on your hand. You have to find a point where it is most sore. This may be the place where the tendons of the two fingers meet. Massaging this point will not only relieve migraine, but it works wonders for general pain, cold symptoms or even running nose.
Relief Point on Shoulder
shoulder massage
You have to move your fingers from your shoulder towards your neck. Try to find a spot which has a little bit of depression. Remember that this is a very tender area. You are needed to apply pressure on this point. This is the most sensitive spot.
foot pressure point massage
Slide your fingers between the big toe and second toe. There will be a small tendon where the two meet. Applying small amount of pressure and massaging it should relieve anger, stress, and anxiety.
Important Instructions
pressure point massage
  • Keep the pressure from light to moderate depending on how sensitive the particular point is to touch.
  • The pressure should be hard enough, so that you may feel some tension underneath.
  • Sometimes, pressure points may hurt very badly and you may experience difficulty in breathing. In that case, reduce the pressure on that point.
  • Gradual increase in pressure is the best way to apply acupressure on any pressure point.
Instead of swallowing many pills, that may end up increasing your migraine, try applying pressure on these points. The migraine will definitely subside. Acupressure is a very easy technique and many people confirm its effectiveness.

Disclaimer: This article is for informative purposes only and does not in any way attempt to replace the advice offered by an expert on the subject.