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Plugged Ears Home Remedy

Plugged Ears Home Remedy

Are those annoying muffled sounds and voices bothering you because you have a plugged ear? Attempt any of the following home remedies for plugged ears to take care of this problem.
Puja Lalwani
How often have you felt that irritation because of the feeling of plugged ears? It feels like something is stuck in there, and no matter what you seem to be doing, it persists and refuses to go. There may be several reasons for this condition, which may be mild or in some cases, symptoms of a bigger problem. Plugged ears may cause you to hear muffled sounds, and sometimes you may not be able to hear anything. In some cases, this condition may be accompanied by inner ear pain. If it is a mild problem, it can be taken care of at home. Here, we bring to you home remedies for plugged ears that will help you get rid of this condition. Before we do so, let's identify some of the causes of this condition.

  • Build up of excess earwax.
  • Chances of ear infections caused after a common cold or sore throat.
  • Exposure to a sudden loud noise that causes a sensation of plugged ears and in some cases, temporary loss of hearing.
  • Changes in pressure, namely when traveling to higher altitudes.
  • Growth of a small bone in the middle ear leading to loss of hearing.
  • Swimmer's ear or water collection within the ear.
Home Remedies

Depending on the intensity the plugged ear sensation has on you, you may resort to some home remedies to treat it. It is important that you know that the effect of each may vary, and none of these home remedies are aimed at serving as substitutes for the actual treatment you may require for this condition. Also, if your condition is very severe, if you experience unbearable ear pain, or if you see any pus or blood coming out of your ear, do not attempt to cure it by means of these remedies. Visit a specialist immediately.

If it is a minor condition, follow some of these remedies for relief.
  • Put a few drops of warm olive oil in your ear. You could do this by dipping a cotton ball in olive oil and putting it in your ear for about ten to fifteen minutes. If the buildup of earwax is the cause for ear congestion, olive oil will soften the wax and make it easier for you to drain it out.
  • If a cold is the reason you are experiencing plugged ears, the remedy is to blow out your sinuses and clear them completely. Do not sniff constantly because you are holding back the congestion and further increasing this problem.
  • Sometimes, simply yawning serves as the best remedy. Induce a yawn and try to keep up the yawning till you feel better.
  • Place a hot, damp towel on the affected ear. The heat that is generated from it will soften the wax and aid earwax removal. Gently remove the earwax with an ear bud.
  • Try and drink lots of water. The act of swallowing is another very simple remedy to cure you of the irritation caused by the plugged ear.
  • If you are facing a condition called swimmer's ear, where water is causing your ears to get plugged up, then use this solution of one drop isopropyl alcohol and one drop white vinegar. Pour this solution in the ear. This remedy works to dry the water as well as prevent the growth of bacteria that can cause an infection.
You may choose any of the aforementioned remedies that suits you from the list mentioned above. However, keep in mind that a severe condition can cause hearing loss, which is why you must not take it lightly and visit a specialist immediately if none of these remedies seem to work.

Disclaimer: This Buzzle article is for informative purposes only and does not, in any way, intend to replace the advice of a medical expert.