Your Guidebook to Identifying Pressure Points on the Hand

Identifying Pressure Points on the Hand
Did you know that by manipulating the various pressure points in the hand, you can keep stress at bay and take care of many physical ailments? It is fascinating to know that by triggering various target points on the hands and wrists, you can actually cure an ailment.
HolisticZine Staff
Last Updated: Mar 1, 2018
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Pressure points refer to the sensitive areas within the body, which if pressed, can invoke pleasure, relief pain, reduce stress, and heal a person. All these benefits of applying pressure on these sensitive points of the body are recognized and identified by alternative treatment systems like reflexology and acupressure. Even modern medicine defines these points as body areas which have a high nerve density. One of such body area, which is highly sensitive and has many pressure points, is our hands. According to reflexology, hands have pressure points, which if massaged appropriately, benefit a number of important organs in the body. According to acupuncture, the traditional Chinese medicine system, energy is trapped in the various pressure points, that's why, in order to ensure smooth flow of energy throughout the body, they need to be penetrated with tiny needles.
Hand Pressure Points
pressure point between the thumb and the  index finger
# 1
The fleshiest area between your thumb and index finger, at the back of your hand, is a pressure point, which if massaged with the thumb of your other hand, helps relieve pain in the back and the head. Massaging this is known to relieve stress, relax a person, and make him calm and happy too.
pressure point at the juncture of wrist and palm
# 2
Face your palm. Trace the line from your middle finger, to just below the wrist, on your forearm. Massage this area, which starts from the point where the wrist and the palm meet to the forearm, right in the middle. Massaging this will help in bringing relief from cold as well as reducing any pain in the joint.
area from the little finger to the wrist
# 3
Keep your hand straight and face the palm. Open your fingers a bit, as you would normally. Next, move your hand a little towards your body, keeping your wrist straight all the while. From your little finger, trace a line towards the wrist. The area where your wrist meets the palm, that is a pressure point. Press this point on your hand, whenever you feel a clutter of thoughts in your head. This will bring you clarity of thought.
pressure point between thumb and the joining of wrist
# 4
By facing your palm and keeping fingers open, trace the line from your thumb to the wrist. The area on this line, where the wrist meets the palm is another pressure point. Massaging this is known to improve the condition of the skin. It helps in elevating the mood of the person. Health-wise, it is especially beneficial for those who have breathing problems.
lower corners of the thumbnail
# 5
As our emotional health has a direct bearing on our physical health, so here's a pressure point that is believed to quell all the negativity. Turn to your thumbnail and press the lower corner which is outside the hand i.e. if it's the right hand, the pressure point is on the left lower corner and if it's the left hand, then it is on the right lower corner. Massage both these pressure points to inculcate positivity in your thinking.
With these simple instructions, you can easily find and make use of pressure points in the hand to relieve pain, improve blood circulation, ward off negative feelings and to combat stress. Be gentle when you massage these pressure points, at the same time, be steady. Make sure that you are applying pressure on the right areas, otherwise it will be of no use to you. If this therapy does not work for you, rest assured that it will not harm you in any way. So, why not give it a try and enjoy the numerous benefits it promises!