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How to Reduce Swelling in Feet

How to Reduce Swelling in Feet

Swelling in the feet may hinder your usual gait of walking, or cause discomfort while standing. It may be due to a variety of reasons that can affect your day-to-day life. Hence, it is a must to apply certain methods to reduce the swelling and help your feet look, and feel healthy. ...
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Last Updated: Feb 28, 2018
Swelling in the feet is a common problem and the main reason for its occurrence is the excessive presence of fluids in the feet muscles. Swelling in the feet is not a disease, and most of the time, no pain is experienced. However, it may lead to untrammeled discomfort. In order to reduce the swelling in your feet, and the discomfort associated with it, one ought to exercise regularly, clubbed with adhering to a healthy lifestyle.
Causes of Swollen Feet
Rigorous workouts, and walking is one of the major culprits for swelling of the feet.

Wearing uncomfortable footwear  may also contribute to swelling of the feet.

It is found that when the system is not clear, there are probabilities of developing swollen feet.

In some cases, insufficient blood supply is deemed the causative for swollen pedes.

An accident or injury  to the leg can contribute to the swelling of the feet.

Feet swelling can also be observed as a result of different allergic reactions.

Traveling  for a long hours may be one reason of enduring swollen feet.

An increase in your body weight  may put excess pressure on the feet; thereby leading your pedes to swell.

During menstrual cycles, some women are prone to develop swelling in the feet.

Blood clot in the leg and blockage of lymph nodes, with poor blood circulation in the feet are some predominant causes of a plumped foot.

Insect bites may also result in you enduring the discomfort from a swollen foot.
Remedies to Reduce the Swelling
Massaging your feet with coconut, or any other oil will help to reduce foot swelling. Massaging will help in diluting the excess fluids present. Gliding an ice pack over the affected foot also helps in getting rid of the discomfort.

When swelling in the feet is bothering you, why not let them resuscitate? Pull out a chair, and remain seated for as long as you like, or instead of sliding into an easy chair, lie down on the bed with your feet elevated. Place two, or three pillows under your feet. This would prevent the excess accumulation of fluids which causes your feet to puff up. If ennui plunders you, buzz your kin for a pithy confab. Spending time pensively is a good proposition as well.

An advice that serves to be complementary in order to cure every ailment possible, is to keep a check on your plate. What you eat does matter at such times. Spike up your consumption of fresh fruits, and vegetables. Encourage a diet rich in fiber, and vital nutrients. Dietary regulations with routine exercise regimen is sure to deliver relief.

Diuretics help in urination. Hence, you may consume them as presence of excess water can cause swelling of the feet. If you are in the habit of sprinkling salt over your food platter to 'enhance the taste', avoid doing so. Presence of excess salt causes the kidney to retain water; hence, the swelling persists. Thus, sodium retention contributes to the swelling, hence foods containing high levels of sodium should be avoided. Also, make sure that you refrain from caffeine and alcohol.

Choose your shoes with care. Look out for comfort; nevertheless, they must also accommodate feet when swollen. Here is a tip: Go shoe shopping at the end of the day. The rationale behind this peroration is simple - Our feet tend to swell through the day. Shoes that fit swollen feet well, might as well fit feet at the start of the day. Select a pair that has a Velcro belt, or laces for a prim fit, and enhanced comfort.

Another foot swelling remedy which helps is increasing the consumption of water. If the swelling is due to an unclear, and parched system, then, drinking water will help in flushing toxins; thus, reducing swelling in feet.

Compression socks may well serve the purpose to reduce swelling in your feet. Blood circulation is regulated; thereby, helping the foot to regain normalcy.
The feet carry our body weight; hence, taking care of this 'most neglected' part of the body is required. Make sure that you provide them with adequate rest, to keep your pedes far from enduring any form of trauma.
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