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Stomach Ache Home Remedies

Nicks J Apr 14, 2019
Stomach ache home remedies include intake of herbal teas, plain soda water and more.
A stomach ache is a common problem faced by many people in their day-to-day lives. Stomach pain is generally not a cause for concern, unless it has been caused due to an underlying condition such as gastroenteritis. Although stomach ache causes are many, in most cases, stomach pain is not serious, and simple home remedies can cure this problem.

Stomach Ache Home Remedies

A cup of hot tea that does not contain sugar is one of the most effective stomach ache home remedy. Mix honey and fresh lemon juice (extracted by squeezing the lemon) into hot tea. Drinking this will provide substantial relief from stomach ache.
Lemon juice combined with warm water acts as a natural remedy to ease stomach pain. For a healthy digestive system, drinking lemon juice mixed with water every morning is a very good practice.
Sometimes acidity problems can also cause stomach aches which can be significantly reduced by drinking plain soda water. Pomegranate seeds too can relieve stomach ache. To enhance taste, one can sprinkle salt and black pepper over the seeds.
A mixture of lemon juice and baking soda combined with water is also of the effective home remedies to reduce stomach pain. Take a glass and fill it half with water. Mix 2 teaspoons and a pinch of salt into this. Also squeeze 3 to 4 lemons into the water.
Mix the ingredients properly and immediately drink it before the ingredients settle at the bottom. This mixture provides a natural way to ease stomach discomfort.
Whole radish juice, when mixed with lemon juice, aids in digestion and helps to eliminate stomach trouble. This mixture of lemon and ginger juice is usually taken after meals to prevent stomach aches.

Hot Water Bag

Place hot water bag on the stomach that is causing pain. The heat generated in the abdominal region facilitates blood circulation that can play a crucial role in improving digestion. Direct skin contact with the bag might not be tolerated by everybody. To avoid this, cover the bag with a towel and then place it on the stomach for 10-15 minutes.


Yogurt contains ingredients that can keep stomach problems at bay. Plain yogurt, taken without any sugar, promotes the normal functioning of the digestive system, and is one of the most recommended home remedies for a stomach ache. However, it is important to use plain yogurt, which does not contain any added flavors, in order to get rid of an upset stomach.


A horrible stomach ache can also be due to intake of painkillers or NSAIDS (ibuprofen, aspirin, naproxen) that are notorious for damaging the stomach lining. There have been cases, wherein a 5 day duration course of painkillers has caused severe damage to the stomach lining, leading to long-lasting stomach discomfort.
Long term use of antacids, laxatives or antibiotics can also be detrimental to stomach health. So, one should exercise caution when it comes to taking these medications and in fact use them only when absolutely necessary.

Herbal Remedies for Stomach Ache

Indigestion is considered the main cause of stomach ache. Certain herbs promote digestion and can also help to get rid of stomach ache. Some of the herbs most commonly used for stomach ailments are listed below:
  • Chamomile
  • Ginger
  • Peppermint
  • Angelica Root
Stomach pain resulting from excessive gas, nausea and indigestion can be brought under control with a cup of ginger tea. This herbal tea soothes the digestive tract and reduces stomach cramps associated with diarrhea and gas. The ingredients in ginger tea facilitate secretion of digestive juices that help to improve digestion.

Ginger Juice

Ginger juice is also beneficial to eliminate stomach pain. Just massage the bottom of the belly with ginger juice to decrease the pain. Ginger juice when mixed with 1 teaspoon each of lime juice and mint juice gives a mixture that is a quick remedy for stomach pain.
Another effective solution for stomach trouble is making a mixture of castor oil and ginger juice and then combining it with half a cup of warm water. This mixture, when taken twice daily, can provide immense relief from the pain.

Aloe Vera Juice

Loaded with nutrients, a cup of aloe vera juice can work wonders to treat digestion problems that are many times the root cause of stomach pain. Drinking aloe vera juice stimulates bowel movement, which helps to get rid of solid waste.
Thus, it detoxifies the digestive system and brings it back on track, which may assist to ease the stomach pain. As, it is good for digestive health, its usage has benefitted patients suffering from colitis, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and ulcers.

Caraway Seeds

An upset stomach may resolve by eating caraway seeds. Belching and gas after a heavy meal can make you extremely uncomfortable.
An easy way to relieve this discomfort naturally would be to have not more than 1/3 cup of caraway seeds.
Also, do not forget to follow the rainbow diet, which means include a variety of fruits and vegetables in the diet to keep your digestive system healthy. Spicy foods, coffee, alcohol and even smoking are known to irritate the digestive tract.
So, make sure you avoid alcoholic beverages and spicy meals to prevent your stomach discomfort from worsening. You may have to exclude milk from your diet, in case stomach ache is followed by frequent bouts of diarrhea.
Disclaimer: Seek help from a medical expert before you implement any of these home remedies. On the basis of your symptoms, the doctor will decide a remedy that best works for you.