We Have Suggestions on Places from Where to Buy Eucalyptus Oil

Where to Buy Eucalyptus Oil
Eucalyptus oil can be found at many places. However, you need to look for it in the right place. Mentioned in this article are places where you can buy eucalyptus oil. (But, don't worry if you can't find it anywhere, then mentioned in the end is a recipe to make eucalyptus oil at home.)
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Last Updated: Feb 10, 2018
Eucalyptus oil is a therapeutic oil which is a must in every household. Everybody suffers from colds and coughs and eucalyptus oil makes an excellent remedy for colds and coughs. You can simply put few drops of eucalyptus oil in steaming water and inhale the medicated vapors to clear congestion. Apart from this common use of the oil you can also use it for bathing, to kill dust mites, purify a room, bring down fever, disinfect wounds or use as a mosquito repellent. Thinking, where to buy eucalyptus oil? Here are some suggestions...

Shopping for Eucalyptus Oil

There are so many places where one can find eucalyptus oil. The easiest way to obtain eucalyptus oil is to go to a chemist. At the drugstore you will find eucalyptus easily. If they don't have it at present you can always ask them to get it for you and ask them to call you up when it comes. At the drugstore you will also find many eucalyptus based ointments and balms. So, can check out these products too.

Another place where you can buy eucalyptus oil is at a health store. Many health stores who keep allopathy medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, homeopathic medicine, etc. also tend to keep some aromatherapy oils. Eucalyptus oil is a therapeutic oil which you most probably will find at a health store, so check out health stores near you.

Similarly, you can check out a beauty store too. They tend to have a section which contains all essential oils and aromatherapy products like diffuser, carrier oils, burners, etc. There you will find small bottles of eucalyptus oil of 10-20 ml easily. If you have a big supermarket in your town, then check out if their health department has eucalyptus essential oils. Chances are that you might even get eucalyptus oil in a supermarket for a discounted price.

You can also find eucalyptus oil in some specialty stores. Many times there are stores which keep organic foods, organic and natural body care products and essential oil. So, you can find eucalyptus oil there. The store manager can help you placing an order in case they don't have eucalyptus oil at present. You can check out some Ayurvedic stores too. Ask them for nilgiri oil which is Hindi name for eucalyptus.

If nothing else works then simply place the order for eucalyptus oil online. There are many shopping sites where you can find different brands of eucalyptus oil. Try to go with an organic and reputed brand. Also, make sure you buy a large enough bottle so you don't have to place order for it again and again. And one more piece of advice, before going to any of the above mentioned stores, check online for their listings. Call them up and inquire about eucalyptus oil. If they don't have it you don't have to waste your timing going visiting these places.

Two more places where you might find eucalyptus oil are spice plantations and nurseries. The chances are slim but you can try. Once in Goa at a spice plantation I found various essential oil bottles including eucalyptus oil. So, you can give it a try. In case, these places don't have eucalyptus oil you can ask them to give you a bunch of eucalyptus leaves. You can use these leaves to make eucalyptus infused oil at home, which will be a little milder than eucalyptus essential oil but will still retain the therapeutic properties.

If you can't find a bottle of eucalyptus oil, then simply take some fresh eucalyptus leaves, and wash them and let them air dry. Then crush them and fill them in a glass bottle, and put some carrier oil like olive oil in the bottle. Close the bottle and keep it in a dark warm place and keep shaking the bottle every 4-5 hours. After few days your eucalyptus oil will be ready for use, you can strain it and store it into small glass bottles. This way you can use eucalyptus oil as a fragrance, or to inhale or even use it for gentle massage.
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