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Acupressure Points Chart

The technique of acupressure or acupoint massage requires a thorough knowledge of the pressure points that are present in our body. This article illustrates these various pressure points, in order to help you identify them better.
HolisticZine Staff
Last Updated: Feb 3, 2018
Acupressure or acupoint massage was developed by the Chinese around 4,500 years ago, and its concept is based on the traditional Chinese theories of 'Qi' or 'Chi' (a force that circulates in the human body with the help of paths known as meridians). It is an ancient technique used to heal the body with the help of fingers, and applying pressure to several points in the body, in order to stimulate the body's self-healing powers. These acupressure points are those points that are located on the meridians, and are sensitive to pressure and small static impulses. The stimulation of these points releases biochemicals by the name 'endorphins' (which act like natural morphine to the brain), thereby reducing pain and improving the circulation of oxygen in the blood.
Lung Meridian (LU), a.k.a. Hand Tai Yin
Associated with - The lungs, immune system, bronchi, respiratory system, the heart, allergies, oxygen deficiency, the skin, aggrieved pelvic area, regurgitating disruptions in the abdomen, and communication problems
lung meridian
Points Chinese Name English Name
LU 1 Zhong Fu Central Treasury
LU 2 Yun Men Cloud Gate
LU 3 Tian Fu Celestial Storehouse
LU 4 Xia Bai Guarding White
LU 5 Chi Ze Cubit Marsh
LU 6 Kong Zui Collection Hole
LU 7 Lie Que Broken Sequence
LU 8 Jing Qu Channel Ditch
LU 9 Tai Yuan Great Abyss
LU 10 Yu Ji Fish Border
LU 11 Shao Shang Lesser Shang
Large Intestine Meridian (LI), a.k.a. Hand Yang Ming
Associated with - The lymphatic system, bowel movements, toxicity level of the intestines, teeth, jaws, skin, mucous membranes, elbow and shoulder pain, joint pain, pharyngitis, and constipation
large intestine
Points Chinese Name English Name 
LI 1 Shang Yang Metal Yang
LI 2 Er Jian Second Space
LI 3 San Jian Third Space
LI 4 He Gu Union Valley
LI 5 Yang Xi Yang Ravine
LI 6 Pian Li Veering Passageway
LI 7 Wen Liu Warm Dwelling
LI 8 Xia Lian Lower Ridge
LI 9 Shang Lian Upper Ridge
LI 10 Shou San Li Arm Three Li
LI 11 Qu Chi Pool at the Bend
LI 12 Zhou Liao Elbow Bone Hole
LI 13 Shou Wu Li Arm Five Li
LI 14 Bi Nao Upper Arm
LI 15 Jian Yu Shoulder Bone
LI 16 Ju Gu Great Bone
LI 17 Tian Ding Celestial Tripod
LI 18 Fu Tu Protuberance Assistant
LI 19 He Liao Grain Bone Hole
LI 20 Ying Xiang Welcome Fragrance
Stomach Meridian (ST), a.k.a. Foot Yang Ming
Associated with - The varicose veins, psychological irritation, facial palsy, teeth, sinusitis, disruption of the thyroid gland, knee and ankle joints, depression, thighs, tonsillitis, and blood circulation in the legs and feet
stomach meridian 1
stomach meridian 2
Points Chinese Name English Name
ST 1 Chengqi Tear Container
ST 2 Sibai Four Whites
ST 3 Juliao Great Bone Hole
ST 4 Dicang Earth Granary
ST 5 Daying Great Reception
ST 6 Jiache Jawbone
ST 7 Xiaguan Below the Joint
ST 8 Touwei Head Corner
ST 9 Renying Man's Prognosis
ST 10 Shuitu Water Prominence
ST 11 Qishe Qi Abode
ST 12 Quepen Empty Basin
ST 13 Qihu Qi Door
ST 14 Kufang Storeroom
ST 15 Wuyi Roof
ST 16 Yingchuang Breast Window
ST 17 Ruzhong Breast Center
ST 18 Rugen Breast Root
ST 19 Burong Not Contained
ST 20 Chengman Assuming Fullness
ST 21 Liangmen Beam Gate
ST 22 Guanmen Pass Gate
ST 23 Taiyi Supreme Unity
ST 24 Huaroumen Slippery Flesh Gate
ST 25 Tianshu Celestial Pivot
ST 26 Wailing Outer Mound
ST 27 Daju Great Gigantic
ST 28 Shuidao Waterway
ST 29 Guilai Return
ST 30 Qi Chong Surging Qi
ST 31 Biguan Thigh Joint
ST 32 Futu Crouching Rabbit
ST 33 Yinshi Yin Market
ST 34 Liangqiu Beam Hill
ST 35 Dubi Calf's Nose
ST 36 Zusanli Leg Three Li
ST 37 Shangjuxu Upper Great Hollow
ST 38 Tiaokou Ribbon Opening
ST 39 Xiajuxu Lower Great Hollow
ST 40 Fenglong Beautiful Bulge
ST 41 Jiexi Ravine Divide
ST 42 Chongyang Surging Yang
ST 43 Xiangu Sunken Valley
ST 44 Neiting Inner Court
ST 45 Lidui Severe Mouth
Spleen Meridian (SP), a.k.a. Foot Tai Yin
Associated with - Eczema, digestive disorders, sinusitis, problems with male and female genital organs, inflamed gums and mucous membranes of the mouth, chest illnesses, mouth ulcers, dysfunction of the hypophysis, and dysbacteriosis
spleen meridian 1
spleen meridian 2
Points Chinese Name English Name
SP 1 Yinbai Hidden White
SP 2 Dadu Great Metropolis
SP 3 Taibai Supreme White
SP 4 Gongsun Yellow Emperor
SP 5 Shangqiu Shang Hill
SP 6 Sanyinjiao Three Yin Intersection
SP 7 Lougu Leaking Valley
SP 8 Diji Earth's Crux
SP 9 Yinlingquan Yin Mound Spring
SP 10 Xuehai Sea of Blood
SP 11 Jimen Winnower Gate
SP 12 Chongmen Surging Gate
SP 13 Fushe Bowel Abode
SP 14 Fujie Abdominal Bind
SP 15 Daheng Great Horizontal
SP 16 Fuai Abdominal Lament
SP 17 Shidou Food Hole
SP 18 Tianxi Celestial Ravine
SP 19 Xiongxiang Chest Village
SP 20 Zhourong All-Round Flourishing
SP 21 Dabao Great Embracement
Heart Meridian (HT), a.k.a. Hand Shao Yin
Associated with - Insomnia, upper wisdom teeth, laryngitis, restlessness and fear, blood vessels, heart problems, neurasthenia, arm and shoulder pain, and concentration power
heart meridian
Points Chinese Name English Name
HT 1 Ji Quan Highest Spring
HT 2 Qing Ling Cyan Spirit
HT 3 Shao Hai Lesser Sea
HT 4 Ling Dao Spirit Pathway
HT 5 Tong Li Connecting Li
HT 6 Yin Xi Yin Cleft
HT 7 Shen Men Spirit Gate
HT 8 Shao Fu Lesser Mansion
HT 9 Shao Chong Lesser Surge
Small Intestine Meridian (SI), a.k.a. Hand Tai Yang
Associated with - Bronchitis, recurring fever, skin disorders, stomach disorders, elbow and shoulder pain, rheumatic disorders, uterus-related troubles, tinnitus, dental problems, ear infections, and pulmonary dysfunction
small intestine meridian
Points Chinese Name English Name
SI 1 Shao Ze Lesser Marsh
SI 2 Qian Gu Front Valley
SI 3 Hou Xi Back Ravine
SI 4 Wan Gu Wrist Bone
SI 5 Yang Gu Yang Valley
SI 6 Yang Lao Nursing the Aged
SI 7 Zhin Zheng Branch to the Correct
SI 8 Xiao Hai Small Sea
SI 9 Jian Zhen True Shoulder
SI 10 Nao Shu Upper Arm Shu
SI 11 Tian Zong Celestial Gathering
SI 12 Bing Feng Grasping the Wind
SI 13 Qu Yuan Crooked Wall
SI 14 Jian Wai Shu Outer Shoulder Shu
SI 15 Jian Zhong Shu Central Shoulder Shu
SI 16 Tian Chuang Celestial Windows
SI 17 Tian Rong Celestial Countenance
SI 18 Quan Liao Cheek Bone Hole
SI 19 Ting Gong Auditory Palace
Urinary Bladder Meridian (UB), a.k.a. Foot Tai Yang
Associated with - Sinusitis, problems related to the sexual organs, chronic cystitis, ear pain and infections, headaches, spinal dysfunction, hemorrhoids, lumbar pain, sciatica, and eye disorders
urinary bladder 1
urinary bladder 2
Points Chinese Name English Name
UB 1 Jing Ming Bright Eyes
UB 2 Zan Zhu Bamboo Gathering
UB 3 Mei Chong Eyebrow Ascension
UB 4 Qu Cha Deviating Turn
UB 5 Wu Chu Fifth Place
UB 6 Cheng Guang Light Guard
UB 7 Tong Tian Celestial Connection
UB 8 Luo Que Declining Connection
UB 9 Yu Zhen Jade Pillow
UB 10 Tian Zhu Celestial Pillar
UB 11 Da Zhu Great Shuttle
UB 12 Feng Men Wind Gate
UB 13 Fei Shu Lung Shu
UB 14 Jue Yin Shu Pericardium Shu
UB 15 Xin Shu Heart Shu
UB 16 Du Shu Governing Shu
UB 17 Ge Shu Diaphragm Shu
UB 18 Gan Shu Liver Shu
UB 19 Dan Shu Gallbladder Shu
UB 20 Pi Shu Spleen Shu
UB 21 Wei Shu Stomach Shu
UB 22 San Jiao Shu Triple Burner Shu
UB 23 Shen Shu Kidney Shu
UB 24 Qi Hai Shu Sea of Qi Shu
UB 25 Da Chang Shu Large Intestine Shu
UB 26 Guan Yuan Shu Origin Pass Shu
UB 27 Xiao Chang Shu Small Intestine Shu
UB 28 Pang Guang Shu Bladder Shu
UB 29 Zhong Lu Shu Central Backbone Shu
UB 30 Bai Huan Shu White Ring Shu
UB 31 Shang Liao Upper Bone Hole
UB 32 Ci Liao Second Bone Hole
UB 33 Zhong Liao Central Bone Hole
UB 34 Xia Liao Lower Bone Hole
UB 35 Hui Yang Meeting of Yang
UB 36 Cheng Fu Support
UB 37 Yin Men Gate of Abundance
UB 38 Fu Xi Superficial Cleft
UB 39 Wei Yang Bend Yang
UB 40 Wei Zhong Bend Middle
UB 41 Fu Fen Attached Branch
UB 42 Po Hu Po Door
UB 43 Gao Huang Shu Vital Center Shu
UB 44 Shen Tang Spirit Hall
UB 45 Yi Xi  Yi Xi
UB 46 Ge Guan Diaphragm Pass
UB 47 Hun Men Hun Gate
UB 48 Yang Gang Yang Headrope
UB 49 Yi She Reflection Abode
UB 50 Wei Cang Stomach Granary
UB 51 Huang Men Huang Gate
UB 52 Zhi Shi Will Chamber
UB 53 Bao Huang Bladder Huang
UB 54 Zhi Bian Sequential Limit
UB 55 He Yang Yang Union
UB 56 Cheng Jin Sinew Support
UB 57 Cheng Shan Mountain Support
UB 58 Fei Yang Taking Flight
UB 59 Fu Yang Instep Yang
UB 60 Kun Lun Kunlun Mountains
UB 61 Pu Can Subservient Visitor
UB 62 Shen Mai Extending Vessel
UB 63 Jin Men Metal Gate
UB 64 Jing Gu Capital Bone
UB 65 Shu Gu Bundle Bone
UB 66 Tong Gu Valley Passage
UB 67 Zhi Yin Reaching Yin
Kidney Meridian (KD), a.k.a. Foot Shao Yin
Associated with - Muscle cramping, weak bones, lower spine problems, prostate, kidney stones, weak eyesight, memory loss, bone marrow disruptions, Fallopian tubes, chronic ear infection or pain, uterine disorders, rheumatism
kidney meridian 1
kidney meridian 2
Points Chinese Name English Name
KD 1 Yongquan Gushing Spring
KD 2 Rangu Blazing Valley
KD 3 Taixi Great Ravine
KD 4 Dazhong Large Goblet
KD 5 Shuiquan Water Spring
KD 6 Zhaohai Shining Sea
KD 7 Fuliu Recover Flow
KD 8 Jiaoxin Intersection Reach
KD 9 Zhubin Guest House
KD 10 Yingu Yin Valley
KD 11 Henggu Pubic Bone
KD 12 Dahe Great Manifestation
KD 13 Qixue Qi Hole
KD 14 Siman Fourfold Fullness
KD 15 Zhongzhu Central Flow
KD 16 Huangshu Vitals Shu
KD 17 Shangqu Shang Bend
KD 18 Shiguan Stone Pass
KD 19 Yin Du Yin Metropolis
KD 20 Tonggu Open Valley
KD 21 Youmen Dark Gate
KD 22 Bulang Corridor Walk
KD 23 Shenfeng Spirit Seal
KD 24 Lingxu Spirit Ruins
KD 25 Shencang Spirit Storehouse
KD 26 Yuzhong Lively Center
KD 27 Shufu Shu Mansion
Pericardium Meridian (PC), a.k.a. Hand Jue Yin
Associated with - Blood pressure abnormalities, thorax pain, Raynaud's syndrome, recurring fever, various inflammations and swellings, gastritis, spasms, temperature fluctuations of the body, hiatus hernia, hysteria, sweating of the palms, heart-related problems
pericardium meridian
Points Chinese Name English Name
PC 1 Tian Chi Celestial Pool
PC 2 Tian Quan Celestial Spring
PC 3 Qu Ze Marsh at the Bend
PC 4 Xi Men Xi Cleft Gate
PC 5 Jian Shi Intermediary Courier
PC 6 Nei Guan Inner Pass
PC 7 Da Ling Great Mound
PC 8 Lao Gong Palace of Toil
PC 9 Zhong Chong Central Hub
Triple Heater Meridian (TH), a.k.a. Hand Shao Yang
Associated with - Deafness, jaw and cheek pain, tennis elbow, headache, shoulder stiffness, fever, sore throats, shivers, hyper- and hypo-function of glands
triple heater meridian
Points Chinese Name English Name
TH 1 Guanchong Passage Hub
TH 2 Yemen Humor Gate
TH 3 Zhongzhu Central Islet
TH 4 Yangchi Yang Pool
TH 5 Waiguan Outer Pass
TH 6 Zhigou Branch Ditch
TH 7 Huizong Convergence and Gathering
TH 8 Sanyangluo Three Yang Connection
TH 9 Sidu Four Rivers
TH 10 Tianjing Celestial Well
TH 11 Qinglengyuan Clear Cold Abyss
TH 12 Xiaolou Dispersing Riverbed
TH 13 Naohui Upper Arm Convergence
TH 14 Jianliao Shoulder Bone Hole
TH 15 Tianliao Celestial Bone Hole
TH 16 Tianyou Celestial Window
TH 17 Yifeng Wind Screen
TH 18 Qimai Spasm Vessel
TH 19 Luxi Skull Rest
TH 20 Jiaosun Angle Vertex
TH 21 Ermen Ear Gate
TH 22 Erheliao Harmony Bone Hole
TH 23 Sizhukong Silk Bamboo Hole
Gallbladder Meridian (GB), a.k.a. Foot Shaoyang
Associated with - Teeth disorders, tonsillitis, neck cramps and stiffness, bronchial illness, issues with the temporomandibular joint, eye problems, ankle and knee joint troubles, illnesses of the hip joints, pain in finger, hand, and shoulder joints, stomatitis, mouth ulcers, parotitis, depression
gall bladder meridian 1
gall bladder meridian 2
Points Chinese Name English Name
GB 1 Tong Zi Liao Pupil Bone Hole
GB 2 Ting Hui Auditory Convergence
GB 3 Shang Guan Upper Gate
GB 4 Han Yan Forehead Fullness
GB 5 Xuan Lu Suspended Skull
GB 6 Xuan Li Suspended Tuft
GB 7 Qu Bin Temporal Hairline Curve
GB 8 Shuai Gu Valley Lead
GB 9 Tian Chong Celestial Hub
GB 10 Fu Bai Floating White
GB 11 Tou Qiao Yin Head Portal Yin
GB 12 Wan Gu Completion Bone
GB 13 Ben Shen Root Spirit
GB 14 Yang Bai Yang White
GB 15 Tou Lin Qi Head Overlooking Tears
GB 16 Mu Chuang Eye Windows
GB 17 Zheng Ying Upright Construction
GB 18 Cheng Ling Spirit Support
GB 19 Nao Kong Brain Hollow
GB 20 Feng Chi Wind Pool
GB 21 Jian Jing Shoulder Well
GB 22 Yuan Ye Armpit Abyss
GB 23 Zhe Jin Sinew Seat
GB 24 Ri Yue Sun and Moon
GB 25 Jing Men Capital Gate
GB 26 Dai Mai Girdling Vessel
GB 27 Wu Shu Fifth Pivot
GB 28 Wei Dao Linking Path
GB 29 Ju Liao Squatting Bone Hole
GB 30 Huan Tiao Jumping Round
GB 31 Feng Shi Wind Market
GB 32 Zhong Du Central River
GB 33 Xi Yang Guan Knee Yang Joint
GB 34 Yang Ling Quan Yang Mound Spring
GB 35 Yang Jiao Yang Intersection
GB 36 Wai Qiu Outer Hill
GB 37 Guang Ming Bright Light
GB 38 Yang Fu Yang Assistance
GB 39 Xuan Zhong (Jue Gu) Suspended Bell (Severed Bone)
GB 40 Qiu Xu Hill Ruins
GB 41 Zu Lin Qi Foot Overlooking Tears
GB 42 Di Wu Hui Earth Fivefold Convergence
GB 43 Xia Xi Pinched Ravine
GB 44 Zu Qiao Yin Foot Portal Yin
Liver Meridian (LV), a.k.a. Foot Jue Yin
Associated with - Thyroid and parathyroid disturbances, prostate disorders, fatigue syndrome, uterus troubles, sinusitis, trigeminal neuralgia, periodontitis, capillary bleeding, gallbladder and bile duct diseases, male and female genital organs, illnesses of the breasts
liver meridian
Points Chinese Name English Name
LV 1 Da Dun Large Pile
LV 2 Xing Jian Moving Between
LV 3 Tai Chong Great Surge
LV 4 Zhong Feng Mound Center
LV 5 Li Gou Woodworm Canal
LV 6 Zhong Du Central Metropolis
LV 7 Xi Guan Knee Joint
LV 8 Qu Quan Spring at the Bend
LV 9 Yin Bao Yin Bladder
LV 10 Zu Wu Li Foot Five Li
LV 11 Yin Lian Yin Corner
LV 12 Ji Mai Urgent Pulse
LV 13 Zhang Men Camphorwood Gate
LV 14 Qi Men Cycle Gate
Disclaimer: This article is for informative purposes only. Before you go in for any acupressure treatment, please consult a medical professional.
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