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Arnica Montana Side Effects

Side Effects of Arnica Montana You Need to Know Now

Long term usage or high doses of arnica montana, the popular homeopathic remedy, can cause various ill effects on human health. We will discuss the possible side effects of 'arnica montana' in this HolisticZine article.
Kalpana Kumari
Last Updated: Jan 24, 2018
Arnica montana, a flowering plant, is a perennial herb. It is mostly found in Europe. Arnica montana (the generic name of the medicine) finds its usage as a homeopathic remedy for pain, bruises, swelling, and even in comforting labor. The homeopathic dosages of arnica montana (brand names: Arnicare, Arniflora) come in the form of little tablets. It is available in different potencies as arnica montana 6x or arnica montana 3x, 6c, 12x, 30x, 30c, or 200x, etc. 'X' denotes decimal potencies (diluted at a 1-in-10 ratio: one drop of arnica tincture in 9 drops of alcohol), while 'c' denotes centesimal potencies (diluted at a 1-in-100 ratio).
Arnica montana is also available in medical stores in the form of topical creams or gels. You can derive a number of medicinal benefits from arnica montana. However, it is also accompanied with a number of ill effects. The major arnica montana side effects include skin rashes, organ damage, mouth ulcers, and even heart failure.
Common Uses of Arnica Montana
  • The usage of arnica montana is quite popular among athletes. It is used to relieve or speed up the recovery process of sports injuries and sprains.
  • It relieves discomfort caused by strained muscles and physical exertion.
  • It is very helpful in managing pain and bruises.
  • It reduces swelling and skin irritation.
  • It is often recommended by homeopaths for alleviating muscle or joint pain.
  • It will be of great help, if you keep arnica montana tablets, creams, or gels as a part of your first aid kit, as it is a wonderful remedy for insect bites.
  • It can relieve pain, bruises, or hematoma after surgery. It also accelerates the process of post-operative recovery.
  • Small doses of arnica montana are given to a pregnant woman at the beginning of labor. It helps her body to withstand the rigors and labors of childbirth. It is also believed to relieve pains after childbirth.
  • Another benefit of arnica montana is during maternity, where it reduces and relieves the hemorrhoidal problems which might occur after childbirth.
Though the medicinal benefits of arnica montana are numerous, yet it is recommended only for a brief period of time, and in small, limited doses. The safe time period of usage generally does not exceed two weeks. Also, it is not advisable to use arnica montana creams or gels on open wounds, and anywhere near mouth and eyes.
It is observed that when arnica montana is taken either in high doses or taken for a longer period of time, say more than three weeks or so, it causes skin irritation and various other side-effects. There have been many cases, where even deaths have occurred due to improper usage of arnica montana. Therefore, in case of arnica montana, an expert supervision is a must. Some common side effects occurring from the unconventional usage of arnica montana are as follows.
Adverse Effects of Arnica Montana
  • Using mouthwash containing arnica montana as an ingredient can cause mouth ulcer.
  • When taken in higher doses, it leads to various stomach conditions such as stomachache, nausea, vomiting, and loose motions.
  • The long term usage of arnica montana has adverse effects on the body organs such as liver, kidney, and heart. In severe cases, it has resulted even in organ damage. Thus, the side effects of this medicine can even lead to death in some.
  • Consumption of arnica montana can lead to irregular heartbeats and high blood pressure, and if not discontinued on time, it can even result in heart failure.
  • When arnica montana is applied in thick layers on the skin for over a period of three weeks, it can cause skin rashes and eczema. Arnica cream side effects are equally annoying. Never use it near the mouth, as it may result in occurrence of lesion there.
  • Arnica is believed to increase the possibility of bleeding. Therefore, it is very necessary for patients suffering from diabetes, or those who have been taking anticoagulant or anti-platelet drugs to inform the doctor, if he is prescribing arnica montana for any kind of treatment.
  • The use of arnica montana during pregnancy is restricted. Though it is beneficial for minimizing some discomfort of pregnancy, large doses of arnica montana have the ability to stimulate the uterus. Over stimulation of uterus can spontaneously cause miscarriage or increase the possibility of premature delivery.
Looking at the numerous side effects of arnica montana, it is best to consult a homeopathic practitioner and your physician before taking it as a remedy for any ailment. Everyone reacts to arnica montana differently. A good number of people have appreciated the usage of arnica montana in treating themselves from a particular type of disorder. It is worth quoting here that side effects only stem from improper dosage or long term usage. Arnica montana should be used safely, under the guidance of a medical professional.
Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is solely for educating the reader. It is not intended to be a substitute for the advice of a medical expert.