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Arsenicum Album

Arsenicum Album

Arsenic is employed to make a substance called arsenicum album which is a vital constituent of homeopathy medicines and substances. Find out more about its benefits and side effects in this HolisticZine article.
Azmin Taraporewala
Also referred to as white arsenic, arseniuous acid, and arsenic trioxide, arsenicum album is coveted to be one of the most essential substances in curing various ailments and health conditions. The amount of arsenic ascertained in arsenicum album is almost negligible in nature. After conduction of the baking procedure of metals by which arsenic album is derived, there is very little of arsenic content left behind.

Uses of Arsenicum Album

Arsenicum is coveted to be a functional remedy, being extremely popular amongst innumerable trained homeopathic practitioners. A German medical expert named Samuel Hahnemann, after systematic testing and dedicative experimentation techniques, created the arsenicum album. It is primarily used for all acute and chronic disorders and discomforts. Bouts of anxiety, panic attacks, restless behavior, ulcerations, having burning sensations, anemia, feeling extremely thirsty and the need to have sips of water rises, gastroenteritis, vomiting and dizziness are some of the problems that could be cured with the administration of this substance.

Severe cases of food poisoning and fevers could be cured with the help of arsenicum album. Homeopathic remedy works well to cure boils and blisters that sprout on the skin, thus taking care of skin troubles and sudden eruptions. It helps cure bronchitis and is also a remedy that proves to be effective with regards to curing malaria and herpes. It is always recommended to consult an authority in the field of homeopathy before consumption. While consuming the medicines, it is almost a prerequisite to read the instructions that have been mentioned on the medicine cover. The dosage needs to be checked with the practitioner prior to consuming it. It is very important before you consider and implement what the practitioner advises. If we fail to follow his instructions, we fail to get cured, a simple yet essential thought that requires immediate implementation. Arsenicum trioxide or arsenicum or arseniuous acid is available in powdered form, a solid tablet form and or in liquid form that constitutes the substance in the appropriate quantity.

Side Effects of Arsenicum Album

Arsenicum album is a substance that is considered to be a vital ingredient in therapeutic medications. Nevertheless, it has been observed and simultaneously studied that the substance suits only a few. This substance being a homeopathic remedy has been proved beneficial for some. The treatment of homeopathic medication is the same as that of administering allopathy medication purchased over the counter.

If the homeopathy medicine is taken in large, inappropriate doses then there is high probability of potential side effects. The arsenicum album, used for getting rid of nausea, anemia, gastroenteritis may prove counter effective if the dosage is not maintained. Thus, it is very important to consume the medication as per the doctor's prescription. In certain unfortunate cases, it has been witnessed that the arsenicum album should not be consumed by those who are affected by heart diseases or any troubles related to the heart. There has also been evidence that depicts that any diuretic drug or substance that increases the flow of urine, further causing dehydration of the system, should not be combined with arsenicum trioxide. If combined, it can lead to severe electrolyte imbalance.

Thus, it is always an essential proposition to consult your medical practitioner before consuming arsenicum album for a particular ailment. If the dosage does not adhere to the prescription released by the medical expert, it has the potential to spell disaster for you and your health. Because health comes first and there is nothing more precious than your health. Take care!

Disclaimer: This HolisticZine article is for informative purposes only, and should not be used as a replacement for expert medical advice.