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Best Way to Clean Colon

Best Way to Clean Colon

Just as we keep our bodies clean externally, it is important that we also keep it clean internally. It is the colon where the majority of diseases start. Read on to know some of the best ways to keep this crucial part of our body clean...
Bhakti Satalkar
Most medical practitioners agree that the key to good health lies in the health of the digestive system. A clean colon is free of toxins and parasites, and assimilates the maximum possible amount of nutrients.

When Should You Go for Cleansing?

If you suffer from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), diarrhea, constipation, bloated stomach, or heart burn for a month or more, you should go in for a colon cleanse. If you are on a weight loss regime and are not able to shed weight, you may want to try it out, as it will help you in your weight loss goal.

How To Do It?

Cleansing the colon requires anywhere between 7 to 30 days, depending on the program. However, the shorter the period of this treatment, the harsher it is on the system. Herbal supplements can also be used. Avoid sugar, dairy products, and grains. Over-the-counter cleansers are good at their job as well, however, at times they do too much too soon, and can cause harm to your system.

People who favor a natural method should include a lot vegetables and herbs in their diet. Cleansing a colon and keeping it clean through a healthy diet is the best way to do it.

Another popular method is colon hydrotherapy. In this, the therapist cleans your colon with water. Water is able to flush out the waste from the colon. In case you want to use this method, it is important that you check the credentials and reputation of the therapist. The other thing you should check is if they is the purity of the water.

Some other tips
  • Castor oil can be taken with warm water. The other alternative is to take it with some juices, as it does not have the best of tastes.
  • You can try prune juice. It can be mixed with other fruit juices. If you do not like prune juice, you can also try eating prunes themselves.
  • Green tea is also claimed to be able to works wonders on the colon.
  • Consuming blackberries, and in fact any berry in general, will also help.
  • Either whole flaxseed or powdered flaxseed can be consumed too.
Keeping the colon clean is important to keep a lot of other diseases at bay, and also to be in an optimum health level in general.