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Blessed Milk Thistle's Effects on Health

This plant is one of the most efficient in liver associated diseases. Read more about its positive effects and proprieties!
HolisticZine Staff
Like many other plants, this medicinal herb also has many names such as: Blessed Milk Thistle, Legalon, Cardui Mariae Fructus, Cardui Mariae Herba, Mariendistel, Holy Thistle, Lady's Thistle, Marian Thistle, Our Lady's Thistle, Mary Thistle, St. Mary's Thistle, Shui Fei Ji, Silybum, Silymarin, Silibinin, Silybin.
According to the American researchers, the thistle tea is the least inspired version of using this plant because its components can degrade in contact with boiling water. Because of that, there are some other means of administration of this very useful medicinal plant. Thus, the powder is obtained by grinding it with a coffee grinder. Experts say that it would be ideal to grind the powder for 5-10 minutes before the administration, so that the active principle's oxidation maybe as reduced as possible. We should keep the thistle powder in a hermetically closed jar, in a cold and dark place, for no more than 4-5 days. One should take 1 little spoon of thistle powder 4 times a day, on an empty stomach. The powder must be kept under the tongue for 10-15 minutes, after which it will be swallowed.
The ideal type of administration would probably be the hydro-alcoholic extract or the tincture. This product can be preserved for a long time, for about 2 years, without losing its therapeutic qualities. Here is how the tincture is being prepared: twenty spoonfuls of thistle seeds' powder are put in a jar, and then covered it with 50 degrees food alcohol, mixing continuously. When the entire mass of powder has been covered, leaving some small quantity of alcohol above, the jar is being closed and left to soak for 14 days. Thus the obtained extract is poured into tiny, dark-colored bottles and can be preserved for maximum 2 years. One can take for about one little spoon, 4 times/day.
Numerous studies done in the US have shown that flavonoids in the seeds' composition favor the regeneration of hepatic cells, they increase the organism's capacity and especially one of the liver to defend itself from infections. In an initial stage, thistle can be administered as a combined infusion (because a high quantity of liquids is recommended): 1 and a half liters per day for 3 weeks. Then one should take a 15 days' break after which the thistle can be taken as powder, out of which one can take a spoonful four times a day.
The diseases that this plant is recommended for include: Jaundice or hepatic insufficiency; hepatic cirrhosis; biliary dyskinesia; mushroom poisoning; methanol intoxication, and so on.
The thistle leaves can be used to cure alcoholism. One can take three weeks' cures with two weeks of pausing, of thistle combined infusion, out of which one can drink one liter per day. The thistle does not diminish alcohol addiction but helps to restore the liver and most importantly, can help sustain mental activity, helping to regain normal reflexes and coordination and reducing the trembling of feet and other such symptoms.
Tens of studies made on the effects of this plant have shown that its seeds are a fierce enemy of cancer. They are recommended both for healthy persons, to help prevent this disease, and for those who are already sick in order to defeat it and to decrease its harmful effects on human health. Thus, in order to prevent cancer, one can take a cure every season with blessed milk thistle seeds, by consuming four teaspoons of tincture per day, for about three weeks. This plant can activate the immune system by favoring the phagocytizing of malign cells. It can also neutralize free radicals and rejuvenate the organism.
It also fights the side effects of chemotherapy, which is an extremely important field for those who resort or have resorted to synthesis medication in order to fight cancer. According to studies made by some American hospitals, thistle seeds are among the few remedies known that have proved to be efficient in defeating the terrible side effects of cytostatics. One liter of combined infusion taken daily for about 20 days can sustain hepatic activity. It can maintain the fighting capacity of the immune system and can prevent the appearance of neurological symptoms, caused by the administration of this type of medication. There is an entire pharmacy in the garden of God, we only need to discover it!