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Colon Cleansing Enema

Colon Cleansing Enema

Colon cleansing enemas have great health benefits and are a great way to detox your body naturally. Keep reading to learn about its benefits and how it is done.
Pragya T
Many people find enemas to be gross and embarrassing. However, they have great health benefits and can help get rid of the toxins in the body quickly. Regular use can prevent many health complications. Here is a list of the benefits which may help tilt the balance in the favor of the colon cleansing method, sidelining the embarrassment.


Bowel related problems can be a sign of major health risks. The colon, which is a part of the large intestine is the route from which the body expels toxins. Due to the eating pattern we follow, a lot of load falls on it and makes it difficult to get rid of toxins.
  • Using laxatives or other medicines for constipation relief are habit forming and are not very effective. An enema is not just effective for constipation problems, but also very effective for hemorrhoid treatment and ulcerative colitis treatment.
  • There are other cleansing methods like yogic practices, but they require skill and practice. Enemas, on the other hand, are quick and easy to perform.
  • Apart from being one of the easiest cleansing methods, it helps restore the peristaltic movement permanently.
  • The use of warm water helps get rid of intestinal parasites.
  • They greatly help to increase the immunity of the body.

Colon cleansing enemas can be done at home. There are various kits available in the market which can be used. This procedure can also performed in hospitals for surgical purposes. In this method, the anesthetic is administered to the body of the patient. This helps to reduce medically induced vomiting.

There are commercial colon cleansing kits available in the market, which start as low as USD 10. For around USD 60, one can purchase cleansing kits which contains herbal products. They are quite easy to use. However, one must follow the instructions on the product label properly before using it. The kit generally contains a hydrotherapy bag, hose, stop cock, vaginal and rectal tips, and a screw-in plug.

  1. The enema bag is connected with the tube and the nozzle. Then the bag is filled with liquid, and the tube is clamped. The bag is hung at a height of 3 feet.
  2. The person lies on the back, and the anus is lubricated, usually using olive oil.
  3. The nozzle is inserted gently in the anus, and liquid is allowed to flow into the colon by releasing the clamp.
  4. The tubing is clamped when a person feels full, or when the bag is empty.
  5. The nozzle is removed, and the person is allowed to empty their bowels. The procedure is repeated according to the condition of the person.
Using enema at home is less embarrassing and provides you with quick relief from bowel problems. However, it is important that you administer it properly and with care, because improper use can lead to side effects like imbalance of electrolytes and rupture of the tissue.