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Colonic Irrigation Cost

Colonic irrigation cost depends on your location and the number of session required for the procedure. The following article provides information about the same.
HolisticZine Staff
Colonic irrigation is an ancient method that has been practiced since 1,500 BC, in Egypt, India, and China. It is also known as colonic hydrotherapy or colon therapy. In this procedure, warm water is flushed inside the body to clean the colon. The water which is used for this procedure is purified with several herbs or probiotics. This procedure eliminates all the impurities of the intestine like stored fecal matter, mucous, gas, and all the toxic substances. Colonic irrigation is simple detoxification of the intestine, using pure water. This procedure is available in several special clinics at a very low cost compared to other procedures.
There is a special instrument available for this procedure. During the procedure a small-sized speculum is pushed inside the colon through the rectum. The speculum is attached to a tubed machine that pumps water. This water is temperature controlled and pumps water at a controlled rate. Normally, the temperature of the water is kept near to the patient's body temperature. Then, the entire colon of the patient is filled with water. The amount of water filled in the body ranges between 2 to 6 liters.
This whole process actually triggers peristalsis ("The process of wavelike muscle contractions of the alimentary tract that moves food along"), due to which the fecal matter is flushed out through the speculum. The speculum is also attached to a viewing tube that helps observe the flushed matter. During the treatment the patient is offered several massage therapies and also reflexology, acupressure, and lymphatic drainage techniques to provide relief.
Besides cleansing the colons, benefits of this procedure are observed all over the body. Its benefits include getting rid of various problems like excessive gas and bloating (flatulence), skin problems, irritable bowel syndrome, Candida or yeast infections, headaches, constipation, thrush, etc. Many people actually regain their energy levels and feel very light and fresh after they undergo this procedure. This is the reason why it is suggested by many alternative therapists including, herbalists, acupuncturists, and homeopaths. Another benefit is the cost, which is reasonably low as compared to several other cleansing processes.
The prime factor that affects the cost is the place where you live. However, the cost ranges anywhere between 70 USD to 90 USD. Little fluctuation in the cost may be expected if more than one session of colonic irrigation is required. A session lasts for approximately an hour, and an hour costs at least 65 USD. This includes the cost of the probiotics that are used in the cleansing process. Number of sessions depend upon the choice of the patient and so does the cost. Meaning, more than one session of colonic irrigation may cost more than 140 USD.
Many times, the colonic irrigation clinics offer a special discount of 5 USD to 10 USD per session. Hence, keeping an eye on such special offers may also help you spend less. One may also buy his/her own colonic irrigation unit, that costs around 1,500 USD. This may help save the cost of this procedure in future. However, before buying your own unit, it is very important to make sure that the process is performed under a watchful eye, and by a skillful person. Otherwise several complications may develop, which may affect the patient's digestive health.
You will have to check for the individual availability of the insurance for this procedure. Though there are very less chances of the insurance being available, the cost is not too high. A talk with your family doctor before the procedure might be helpful for getting suitable suggestions. Also, it is best to check for the available methods of this procedure in your area before undergoing it.