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Ear Popping Remedies

Ear Popping Remedies

Have you been experiencing noises in your ear? Does your ear feel full or clogged sometimes? It's nothing but ear popping, remedies for which are discussed in the article below. Let's take a look.
Veethi Telang
Simply put, ear popping is an uneasiness in the ear caused due to differences in the pressure between the inside and outside the eardrum, symptoms of which are irritating noise and clogging of the ear. In medical terminology, this condition is referred to as Eustachian Tube Dysfunction or Ear barotrauma. Such situation occurs when you're traveling up the mountains, are in a flight at a high altitude, or simply, experiencing increased pressure in your ears. The small passages that connect the pharynx to your ears are referred to as the eustachian tubes, which open when pressure increases, and allow the flow of air, both in and out. There are instances when these tubes get clogged, leading to eustachian tube dysfunction, causing your ear to feel slight pain or clogging. To stop ear popping, there are a number of home remedies you can bring into use which are extremely effective for the health of your ears. Before consulting your health care provider, it's advised you give a go to the following home remedies, and then go for professional treatment.

Home Remedies for Ear Popping

Ensure There is No Accumulation of Wax
Many a time, due to unnecessary accumulation of wax inside the ear, a person feels their ears are full or clogged, and they experience pain. If you're experiencing the same for a while now, try using ear wash bulbs to clean out the earwax, and notice the difference. This is the most common occurrence in people suffering from ear popping, and using a cotton swab or an ear wash bulb gives immense relief.

Drink Plenty of Hot Liquids
If the real cause of popped ears is a rigorous exercise session, it's advisable you drink lots of hot water or other fluids such as tea, coffee, or juice to reduce the popping of your ears. When fluid builds up in the ear, drinking hot liquids helps in the reduction of the same, and clears the mucus build-up.

Chew a Gum
Too often, increased pressure leads to popping in the ears, and hence, doctors advise various approaches to equalize the pressure in the ear, chewing a gum being the most common approach. While you chew a gum, you tend to swallow a lot, and this way, the ear balances the pressure inside as the eustachian tubes open, thereby, equalizing the pressure in the inner as well as the outer ear.

Force Air Through Shut Nostrils
This is a method you can try out if you're convinced the ear popping isn't critical. All you need to do is shut your nostrils with your thumb and index finger, breathe through your mouth and take good amount of air in, and force the air through your nose, so that you feel that the thumb and index finger blow off your nose. Meanwhile, you will experience a crackling in your ears, which tends to reduce the excess pressure. Doing it for a few times proves to be a fantastic remedy for popped ears.

Use a Decongestant
A decongestant reduces congestion in the ear passageways by reducing swelling of the mucous membrane in the nose by reducing blood supply to the mucous membrane. As a result, this ear and nose experience less congestion, and you no more feel that your ears are full or clogged. However, the usage of over-the-counter decongestants should be advised by your health care provider.

Sometimes, just the act of swallowing makes a crackling sound in your ear, and you feel instant relief by doing so. However, if that fails, do give a go to the above instanced remedies. They're safe, and have no side-effects. If you still find no relief, it's time you visit your health care provider, and seek the necessary medication.