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Garlic and High Blood Pressure

Garlic and High Blood Pressure

Our kitchen is a storehouse of medicines. One such very effective medicine is garlic. It is useful for treating a number of ailments. More and more people now know of the garlic and high blood pressure correlation and want to make the most of it.
Bhakti Satalkar
If one has to see the statistics of number of people who suffer from hypertension, you will be astonished with the number. To keep hypertension under control, they have to take medicines. However, would it not be good, if there was some natural remedies for blood pressure? Well nature has been very kind to us and there are a number of natural products, which prove to be of immense help in keeping hypertension under control. One such remedy for high blood pressure is garlic. Have you heard about this remedy previously and wonder is garlic good for high blood pressure? Research has proved that one can make use of garlic to lower high blood pressure as well as normalize low blood pressure. It helps in lowering both systolic as well as diastolic blood pressure. One can either make use of garlic supplements, garlic powder or whole garlic to treat blood pressure.

Garlic contains small quantities of selenium and germanium. The selenium in garlic helps in preventing abnormal blood clotting and normalizes blood pressure. Other than these two, garlic also contains natural ACE inhibitors, which are gamma-glutamyl peptides and compounds with flavonols. It is also a rich source of magnesium and phosphorus. Garlic also contains adenosine, allicin and sulfur compounds, all of which are helpful in alleviating the high blood pressure condition, as they help in arterial dilation. This in turn helps in makes blood flow in the arteries rather easier, which in turn helps in lowering high blood pressure.

How to Use Garlic to Lower High Blood Pressure

There are different ways in which garlic can be consumed for treating hypertension. It is advisable not to boil garlic, when one is using it as a remedy for treating high blood pressure. However, the research is on to find out the benefits of garlic derived from raw garlic or cooked garlic is the same. Therefore, it is best to stick to raw garlic for alleviating high blood pressure conditions. It is said that the effects of garlic are best seen when it is taken on an empty stomach. However, people who suffer from acidity, heartburn, ulcers, etc., should not use this remedy on an empty stomach, as these conditions may be alleviated with the use of garlic on empty stomach. Garlic tea benefits also include its role in lowering high blood pressure. Therefore, one can also choose to have garlic tea as well.

Garlic supplements are available in the market, besides garlic powder and garlic oil. Although one can make use of garlic supplements, it is best to stick to garlic in its natural form. Garlic powder can also be used for treating the condition. One can either have half a teaspoon of garlic first thing on waking up with a cup of warm water. Alternately, one can have two cloves of garlic again with hot water. Some people do not like the spicy taste of garlic or the garlic taste lingering in there mouth, therefore, they can swallow the garlic clove without chewing it.

The other method of taking garlic for treating hypertension is to soak garlic clove in fresh milk. Pour only as much of milk, as it will cover the cloves. Let the clove remain in the milk for an hour to an hour and half. Remove the cloves and have them. You may either choose to chew the cloves or just swallow them.

If you are suffering from high blood pressure and would like to use garlic for treating the condition, then it is best to consult a herbalist about the same. Do not stop taking your hypertension medicines without consulting your health care professional. Talking to your physician about the same is advised.

Disclaimer: This write up should be used for informational purposes only. The remedy should be used after consulting a health care professional.