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Gymnema Sylvestre Dosage

Dosage of Gymnema Sylvestre: We Have Compiled the Info for You

Advocating appropriate dosage of gymnema sylvestre is crucial to reap optimal benefits, while reducing the potential dangers of overdose. The recommended dose may vary based on the standardization value and purpose of taking it. Read on, to know more...
Ningthoujam Sandhyarani
Last Updated: Jun 3, 2018
Gymnema sylvestre is basically a climbing plant, belonging to the family Asclepiadaceae. Native to the tropical regions of central and southern India, this plant has been used as a natural treatment for hyperglycemia (or high blood glucose levels) since a long time. In previous times, herbalists found that chewing leaves of gymnema reduced the sweet taste of sugar. Since then, various studies are being done concerning the anti-diabetic properties of gymnema sylvestre.
Even though the actual health benefits of gymnema sylvestre are not proven, it is popularly used in herbal medicine. The curative property of this vine is attributed to the presence of a group of active ingredients, collectively known as gymnemic acids. These compounds are shown to have noninflammatory, anti-sweetening, and anti-diabetic effects in the human body. However, administering correct gymnema sylvestre dosage is imperative to avoid side effects associated with this herbal medicine.
As already mentioned, gymnema sylvestre suppresses sugar taste, thereby reducing cravings for consuming sweet items. Hence, people who have a sweet tooth benefits from gymnema in controlling blood sugar levels. Using gymnema sylvestre for diabetes treatment is done in conjunction with other agents, such as biotin, chromium, zinc, bitter melon, huckleberry, and cinnamon. Other claimed benefits are losing weight, lowering high cholesterol, and treating medical conditions like, anemia, heart disease, and osteoporosis.
Safe Dosage
According to the proponents, this is a magical herb effective for combating a wide range of health conditions. Various herbal products based on gymnema plant parts (especially the leaves and roots) are formulated and sold in the market. You can find several brands of extracts, tablets, and herbal tea based on this herb. While speaking about the correct dose of gymnema sylvestre, it refers to the concentration of the particular product that is safe for oral administration.
As with any type of herbal supplement, safety and strength of the formulation are not clinically proven. Thus, taking a note of the intake dose is imperative to minimize the risk of any adverse health effects. A superior quality product should contain approximately 25 percent of gymnemic acids. This percentage content of active constituent is referred to as standardization. Determining the dosage is entirely based on the standardization value. To be on the safer side, never indulge in self administration of the herbal supplements.
The recommended dose of gymnema sylvestre for treating diabetes is approximately 400 mg. Accordingly, the number of tablets to be taken daily is estimated. Nevertheless, suggested concentration may differ from one patient to another, based on factors like current hyperglycemia medication, severity of the case, and overall health condition of the individual. It is suggested that taking lower doses of the same for 2 - 3 times daily is a better alternative, rather than administering a higher concentration in one go. You can always refer to the dosing information mentioned in the leaflet of the product. Also, take a note of the appropriate time for having gymnema sylvestre.
On the concluding note, the therapeutic benefits and safety of gymnema sylvestre products are not tested clinically. When taken in the suggested concentration, they are safe for healthy adults. So, be sure to follow the recommended dosage to avoid any unusual adverse effects. It is quite likely that your physician recommends lowering the dose with time. Studies are ongoing to examine the effects of gymnema sylvestre in promoting insulin secretion amongst type 2 diabetes patients. If this comes out to be positive, then an effective herbal remedy for diabetes patients is almost guaranteed.