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Herbs for Eyes

Herbs for Eyes

Natural cures to soothe eyes, is the best, and safest pathway to have your eyes shinning with life, all over again. This article lends you some information, as to which herbs for your eyes can be helpful.
Azmin Taraporewala
Herbs, since time immemorial, have been known to possess properties that fight various ailments and also help in preventing health troubles. Medical conditions have always been treated effectively with the administration and uses of herbs. Conditions that are associated with our vision, can also be treated when relative herbs are used in order to degrade the elevating condition. Eyes could face trouble when they are exposed to pollution-filled areas, endure ocular impairment with a cataract and glaucoma, or are unknowingly strained. In order to combat cataract that has been endured by the eyes, it is important that some herbs be taken into consideration. They are extremely helpful, as they have nature running through their veins, with every tissue and every molecule in their construction urge to cure the ailment completely, secreting the cause of the problem from the root.

Herbs That Help

Rich in Vitamin A
When vitamin A in the body reduces, the mucous membrane dries up, thus leading to dry eyes. A variety of herbs can help in this area. Paprika also contains the highest concentration of the nutrient that are rich in vitamin A, like cayenne pepper, basil, oregano, chervil, sage, dill weed, savory, thyme and bilberry. A special mention about the bilberry, as this is a herb that is in the form of a shrub packed with antioxidant properties. Bilberry is, in the actual an ornamental shrub. The bilberry shrub helps in facilitating good circulation in the capillaries situated around the eyes. It also takes care of restoring the blood supply to the eyes. The bilberry shrub is also an important carrier of properties, that control and lower the blood pressure. Having a high blood pressure may pose harm to your eyes leading to vision impairment. If the blood pressure of an individual is too high, there are possibilities that the individual may have blood clots forming in the eyes, which may further result in the individual losing eyesight. Poor vision and night blindness can be corrected when bilberry is administered. The presence of vitamin A in the bilberry shrub makes vision stronger, thereby correcting it.

Rich in Vitamin C
Vitamin C is an antioxidant that fights free radicals. These free radicals damage your eyes and your subsequent vision. The vitamin, known as ascorbic acid, also stimulates production of hyaluronic acid in your body. Hyaluronic acid serves to be a natural remedy for dry eyes. Consume herbs rich in this vitamin to help eyes retain moisture. Herbs, such as parsley, cilantro, coriander, red pepper, paprika, ground cloves, dill weed, basil, rosemary, allspice, sage, peppermint, tarragon, bay leaf, coriander, garlic and cardamom contain vitamin C. In fact, dried coriander leaves contain the largest source of vitamin C.

Chickweed is a sprawling plant and is extremely useful and reliable for all those, who are suffering from eye troubles. Infection and conjunctivitis result in swollen, irritated eyes, thereby causing immense dryness in the area around the eyes. It is known to cure the itchiness and dryness that is experienced by an individual, who endures infections and pink eye. In two cups of water, chickweed could be added and heated for some time. After the mixture is made, you may put it off heat and let it cool. After the mixture has cooled, you can dip a cotton ball into the solution and place it on the affected area of the eye. This process should be continued and repeated time and again, until the infection from the eye does not reduce and is completely combated.

Evening Primrose
The oil is extracted from the plants' seeds and has been used for centuries as a medicine. Essential fatty acid, known as linoleic acid, are a rich composition in the evening primrose. The polyunsaturated fatty acid is considered essential since our bodies cannot produce it, but need it to operate properly. The oil is dominantly available in tincture form.

Cannabis helps counter eye problems, glaucoma being one of the most dreaded yet prevalent eye ailment. Cannabis contains cannabinoids, which can be administered orally or intravenously. This herb is very helpful in reducing the pressure in the eyes.

The administration of Ginkgo or Ginkgo biloba, helps in regulating the blood circulation to the retina. It also has the property of serving as an aliment for glaucoma, aiding the individual for vision improvement.

This was all about Ayurvedic herbs that can help an individual in curing, and soothing irritated eyes and area around the eyes. It is mandatory that you use these products cautiously, keeping a health care provider in the loop.