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Home Remedies for Steam Burns

Home Remedies for Steam Burns

Did you burn your finger with hot steam? HolisticZine gives you first aid care instructions and home remedies to treat steam burns with ease.
Payal Kanjwani
Steam burns on fingers take a longer time to heal, as fingers very frequently come in contact with water.
Burns caused by sudden exposure of skin to steam are called steam burns. They ought to happen in domestic situations mainly involving kitchen chores. These burns don't seem to be serious at first, but are very severe; they make you feel excruciating pain. If your skin comes in contact with steam, the first thing you should do is soak it in water. The further treatment depends on the degree of burn, and the area that has got effected. If it's a superficial burn that has affected a small patch, home remedies would prove fruitful. But if the damage is deep, expert medical advice is suggested.
We are giving you some natural remedies for treating steam burns. But as we mentioned earlier, if the pain is severe, do visit a doctor for medical guidance.
Degree of Burns
First Degree: The burns that cause damage to the epidermis, namely, the outer layer of the skin, are first degree burns. These are marked by redness, and are the least serious ones.

Symptoms: Red and painful burns, skin swelling; may peel off after a day or two.

Healing Time: 3 to 5 days
Second Degree: These burns cause damage to the skin tissue (layer) that is beneath the epidermis. These do deeper damage to the skin, and can lead to superficial blistering.

Symptoms: Blisters; splodgy skin; painful burns; area swollen. These burns usually take two to three weeks to heal.

Healing Time:  2 to 3 weeks
Third Degree: The third degree burns destruct all layers of skin, and hence are the most severe. If a large portion of the body is affected, these burns can be life-threatening.

Symptoms: Very severe burns, nerves damaged

Healing Time: Prolonged
Treatment for Steam Burns
Depending upon the severity of the steam burn, you'll decide if it's to be treated by yourself, or should go for seeking medical help.
For First Degree Burns
First aid
╂ Pour running water over the affected area. Don't use ice or ice water.
╂ Apply an aloe-based skin care ointment, or simply Aloe vera gel.
╂ Bandage the area using gauze.

Natural Remedies
Apply Vitamin E oil or garlic oil directly on the burned area.
Apply non-gel toothpaste to soothe the affected area, and let it stay overnight.
Use honey, the natural moisturizer after cleaning the wound. Honey works wonders in healing the skin.
Another remedy is to wrap the affected area with Plantain leaves.
For Second Degree Burns
First aid
╂ Soak the second degree burn in water for about 10 to 15 minutes.
╂ Carefully apply an antibiotic ointment. Do not rupture the blister.
╂ Bandage the area with a non-adhesive tape or gauze.
╂ Take a pain reliever such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen.
╂ Change the dressing daily till the burn gets healed.
╂ Consult a doctor if the blisters cause unbearable irritation.
For Third Degree Burns
╂ Go to the closest hospital as soon as possible.
╂ Seek emergency treatment.
Be careful while handling things that involve high temperatures. Take Care!