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How to Find Acupressure Points

Acupressure is a well-known techniques used to relieve a number of ailments. It is a traditional Chinese therapy, according to which if any of the pressure point is blocked or out of balance, the illness may occur. So, pressure is applied to the particular pressure point which is associated to that illness. The acupressure points chart given in this Buzzle article will help you to find these points in the body.
Acupressure is an ancient Chinese healing art, which uses the acupuncture and pressure techniques. It is considered as an alternative healing process, where physical pressure is applied to different points in different parts of the body. Pressure is applied on the points by either using the fingers or the elbow. This methodology is used for treating a number of ailments as well as for inducing labor. It is important not to confuse this technique with the massage techniques which are practiced all around the world. The base of this alternative healing technique lies in the Chinese belief that there is life force which moves through the body, which has the power to heal the body, and balance the imbalance by manipulating the energy.

There are different pressure points, which are located in different parts of the body. The most prominent points are located in the fingers, hands, elbows, wrist, feet, knees, etc. When the respective points are pressed, it helps in activating the body's natural self curative abilities. The muscular tension is released, when the points are pressed and there is increased blood circulation to the said body part. It is important to note that acupressure and acupuncture use the same points to heal the body. Acupressure is the older of the two and took a backseat after the advanced acupuncture technique came into being. However, the results of both the methods are more or less the same.

How to Locate Pressure Points on the Body
For most of us finding the acupressure point is a big task in itself. Following table will help you to spot some of the most important pressure points with their healing properties.

Pressure Point NameLocation of the Pressure Point
Pressure Point for Headache
Li4The location of this pressure point is between the index finger and the thumb. To be more precise, it is located above the carpal joint in the webbing between the index finger and the thumb. This pressure point should be massaged such that the massage strokes should move in the direction of the wrist.
GB20This pressure point is located at the backside of the head. To locate the pressure point, roll your fingers at the back of your head towards the neck. This pressure point is located exactly where you encounter the first depression. Massage this pressure point using your index and middle finger in circular motion.
CO4The location of this pressure point is between the first and second metacarpal bones i.e. in the webbing of the thumb and the index finger. Massage the point in circular motion to get relief from headache.
Pressure Point for Anxiety
P6Inside of the wrist is the exact location of this pressure point. To locate the pressure point extend your hand in front of you, such that the palm faces the ceiling. Leaving the thumb and little finger, place the other three fingers on the crease of the wrist. Now place the thumb next to the index finger exactly between the tendon. The point has to be massaged in circular motion.
BL2This pressure point is also known as the third eye. The location of this pressure point is between the eyebrows right above the bridge of the nose. Gently apply pressure on this pressure point and be relieved of stress and anxiety.
K1The 'yongquan' pressure point is located at the base of the foot. To be more precise, the point is located in the middle of the sole exactly behind the ball of the foot. Use your thumb to massage the pressure point and be relived of anxiety.
Pressure Point for Weight Loss
Sp6This acupressure point is located inside the leg, exactly above the ankle bone. To locate the point, from the center of the ankle bone, move about four finger widths up towards the knee. The point is just little off the bone. This point will help in strengthening the digestive system. A word of caution is that this pressure point should not be used by pregnant women, unless they are about to go into labor.
St36The exact location of this point is about four finger width below the border of the kneecap but one finger width off the shin bone to the outer side of the leg. To know, if you have found the correct point, see if the muscle under your hand moves. It has a positive effect on the digestive system and helps in activating metabolism.
Li11This acupressure point is located on the elbow. To find the point, extend your hand straight in front of you, now bend your hand. The point is located on the elbow crease, which is outside. Press the point to regulate intestinal activity and clearing excess heat.
Pressure Point to Induce Labor
HokuThis is among the easiest points to find. The point is located exactly at the juncture of the thumb and index finger bones. This pressure point helps not only to induce labor, but it can also be used for easing labor pain.
BL60The location of this pressure point is between the Achilles tendon and the ankle bone. It is best to make use of this point, when the baby has not dropped into the pelvis the way it should be. Massage the area for some time, so that the baby is dropped into the pelvis and labor is triggered.
Sp6This pressure point is located around the ankle joint. To locate the pressure point from the center of the ankle bone, move about four finger widths up towards the knee. The point is just little off the bone. When pressure is applied on this pressure point, it will help to ripen the cervix. In case weaker contractions have started, applying pressure on this point will help to strengthen the contractions.

Before you make use of any of the pressure point, it is important to seek advice from your health care professional. There are certain pressure points, which are not recommended for certain conditions. For example, the Sp6 acupressure point should not be used by pregnant women, unless their labor is due. At the same time, if you notice any uneasiness, after you massage the pressure points, stop massaging the pressure points immediately.

Disclaimer: This write-up should be used for informational purposes only. It should not be taken as medical advice. Seek medical advice for exact remedies.