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How to Heal a Twisted Ankle

How to Heal a Twisted Ankle

How to heal a twisted ankle? Well if this is what you are looking for, then you are at the right place. Just read this article to get some effective tips on treating twisted ankle.
Niharika Arya
The ankle is a joint which connects the foot to the leg. It is also known as the talocrural joint. It is one of the most important joints, as it bears most of our body weight. But many a time we twist our ankle while carelessly walking down the steps, playing, running over an uneven surface, or by many other reasons. A twisted ankle or sprained ankle is very common among children, teenagers and sports persons. It can be very painful and can hinder your daily life. Hence, it becomes very important for everyone to know how to heal a twisted ankle. You just need to follow some of the below given easy steps and you can get rid of this problem in a few days. So keep reading to get the details.

How to Cure a Twisted Ankle

A twisted ankle can cause damage to your blood capillaries, foot muscles, bone, tendons, etc. Hence the first thing to keep in mind is to take care of your foot while walking and playing. Accidents can happen, but you need to take proper precautions in order to avoid them. If you still get a twisted ankle then following are some of the tips on how to care for a twisted ankle. Have a look at them.

R.I.C.E Method
This is one of the fastest ways to heal a twisted ankle. R.I.C.E stands for rest, ice treatment, compression and elevation. Hence, we can say that this method consists of four different therapies which are very effective and should be the primary things to do once a person has a twisted ankle. You can get the detailed information of all these four therapies in the following points.

Rest is very important in case of a twisted ankle. You should not exert your ankle as it can become critical. But do not give complete rest to your ankle, try to do some simple aerobic exercises in order to maintain a proper blood flow in the foot. Do not put much pressure on the foot, and walk with the help of crutches or a walking stick if possible.

Ice Treatment
Second comes the ice treatment. Though it comes on the second place, it should be done in the first place. As soon as you realize you got a sprain in your ankle, immediately apply the ice pack. This will reduce the swelling and muscle inflammation. It will also help in relieving the pain. Do not apply the ice directly on the skin, take it in an ice pack or tie it in a cloth and then apply it on the affected place. Repeat it several times a day.

Third is the compression therapy. Wrap your ankle using a crepe bandage. This bandage will provide support and will help in the speedy recovery of the muscle injury. Do not wrap it too tightly as it may restrict the blood flow which may hinder the recovery process. If you feel numbness in your foot due to the compression bandage, then remove it and wrap it little loose.

This is the last point in R.I.C.E method. Elevation will help your ankle from fluid retention and will reduce the swelling and discomfort caused due to it. So whenever you sit, try to rest your legs on a stool or a chair keeping it in front, and if you are lying on the bed then rest your ankle on a pillow.

Contrast Therapy
This therapy is considered very effective in encouraging the blood flow and reducing the pain and swelling. Take two buckets. Fill one with hot water and the second one with cold water. Maintain A temperature that you can bear. Put your twisted ankle first in the bucket of hot water keep it there for 2 minutes. Meanwhile, try to make alphabets with your toe which is inside the water. Now remove the injured foot and place it cold water and repeat the same exercise. Keep on doing this 4 to 5 times. Repeat this therapy 3 to 4 times a day. When you keep your leg inside the hot water the blood vessels expand and increase the blood flow and when you put it inside the cold water they contract and lower the blood flow. This expansion and contraction improves the condition of blood vessels and helps in fast recovery.

Therapies given in this HolisticZine article are very effective and help in the fast recovery of a twisted ankle. If you are not able to get relief in 2 to 3 days then seek medical help. If the pain is unbearable then you can have pain killers too, but it's better to consult the doctor before going for any medical treatments. Twisted ankle healing time totally depends upon how well you take care of your ankle. So, take proper care, give rest to your ankle, and exercise regularly to keep it fit.