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How to Lose Water Weight Overnight

There are certain conditions that can lead to water retention and cause for weight gain by bloating. By targeting this condition (and this condition alone), one can lose all that excess weight. Let's show you how this can be done.
Rujuta Borkar
Last Updated: Mar 21, 2018
Warning: When we talk about losing weight by targeting the water content in our body, it means the weight that has been gained by water retention due to a certain condition(s). It does not mean that we target the water already present in the body as a means of losing weight.
Targeting the water content in the body to lose weight is a highly dangerous concept. It is only undertaken by athletes under proper supervision. That is not the scope of this article. This article focuses on targeting the water that is retained due to certain medical conditions, or keeping late nights or eating certain kinds of foods. By adopting certain simple exercises, one can shed all that water weight and thereby the excess pounds that it has led to.
Counter Medical Conditions and Others

Like I said, there are several causes of water retention that lead to the accumulation of excess liquids in the body. Some of them include hormonal imbalance, menstrual and menopausal irregularity in women, medical conditions which affect the heart, kidney and liver, change in weather conditions, excess intake of salt and others. When each of these conditions are treated, it will automatically tackle the root cause and thereby lead to the shedding of water weight.
Start Exercising

Standing in one place for a long period of time or leading an inactive lifestyle with zero or very little physical activity can cause water retention in the body or aggravate the problem if you already suffer from it. The best way to deal with this is to get your body into active mode and start exercising. This will increase the blood flow in the body and lead to getting rid of the water. Schedule your exercises 2-3 hours before bed. This will ensure that the food will be digested and the excess water shed off. The body can burn calories through the night more efficiently as a result.
Drink Water

Drink water to shed water? Absolutely. There are times when the body gets into a dehydration mode because of less intake of water as well as due to the kind of foods that are consumed (low carb, high protein). This results in the body's tendency to hold on and store the water that is already present in the body in fear that there won't be any when it is needed. This can be countered by increasing the intake of water and making sure that high levels of water are maintained. An intake of 8-12 glasses of water is recommended everyday. This will also lead to the shedding of excess sodium in the body through sweating.
Green Tea and Vitamin B

One of the best and simplest ways of losing water weight overnight is to start sipping on green tea throughout the day. Green tea is an excellent source of antioxidants and it helps in boosting the metabolism, which in turn gets rid of the excess water stored in the body. It has also been found that taking a supplement of vitamin B prevents water retention from taking place.
Other than the methods mentioned above which target the water weight immediately, there are two other factors that will help in general weight loss.
Control Diet

There are certain foods that by themselves cause water retention to happen. These are foods that contain high levels of sugar, sodium and salt. Doing a reality check on the kind of food you're eating and the contents of it will lead to countering this problem and act as an excellent water retention remedy. Processed and junk foods are typical examples of the same and should be avoided at any cost, especially if you already face this problem. Other than these foods, there is also a need to lessen or avoid the intake of alcohol and caffeine. These products dehydrate the body and cause the body to retain more water.
Change in Lifestyle

One of the best cures for water retention is to change your eating and sleeping habits to healthier ones. Sleeping at odd hours and keeping awake for no reason leads to water retention in the body, so does eating the wrong foods. Try and sleep on an empty stomach and that will prevent water storage. Avoid eating carbohydrates at night because they have the tendency to absorb water and can lead to bloating and fullness. Eat carbs only during the day.
Since water retention and bloating go hand in hand, you really need to make sure you counter it quick. So how to lose water weight overnight? Use the methods mentioned above and get rid of this problem for good.