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Inner Ear Infection Remedies

Inner Ear Infection Remedies

Inner ear infection is the result of a bacterial or viral infection. It can be pretty painful if not cured in time. However, simple remedies can relieve you of the infection.
Ashwini Kulkarni Sule
Inner ear infection can be really painful and the symptoms associated with it can make your life pretty miserable. Often, ear infection is bacterial or viral, which blocks the Eustachian tube. Accumulation of earwax or traces of water can trigger such an infection. However, as the symptoms are non-peculiar, people often fail to detect it, thus the treatment is delayed. If the infection is not particularly serious, you can use the following remedies.

Inner Ear Infection Remedies

Glycerin Nasal Spray
Mix 1 tsp. of salt with 1 tsp. of glycerin. Pour 600 ml of water in the mixture. Put the mixture in a nasal spray bottle and spray in your nostrils. Repeat the procedure until the mixture drains at the back of your throat. You can also spray your throat with the same mixture. Repeat the procedure several times a day.

Garlic is an effective anti-microbial substance. Warm some garlic oil and pour it drop by drop in the ear. Do not heat the oil, the temperature should be just more than the body temperature. Garlic can also be eaten raw or used in recipes.

Vitamin C
Increasing the intake of vitamin C also helps fight an inner ear infection. Excess doses of vitamin C improves the function of the immune system. Excess of vitamin C also results in loose bowels, which indicate body's intolerance towards vitamin C. But, this forces the immune system to work at its best and create more white blood cells to combat the infection.

Certain herbs that have anti-microbial properties, can be effectively used as a remedy for inner ear infection. Olive leaf extract, astragalus, and echinacea can build your immune system against infections of all kinds. Ginkgo biloba is a herb which serves as an effective remedy.

Vitamins and Minerals
Deficiency of manganese often aggravates ear problems. For optimal functioning of the ears, it is important to take at least 5 mg of manganese daily. Zinc is yet another mineral that helps get rid of ear infection. The vitamins that are required for proper functioning of ear are vitamin B12, vitamin B6, and vitamin B3. These vitamins improve the blood circulation in the ear and assist the nervous function.

Quick Home Remedies
  • Use colloidal silver for washing the ear. It is a natural antibiotic and can be taken orally as well.
  • If there is a lot of pain in the ear, pour a few drops of labolia or garlic oil or olive oil in the ear and cover with a cotton plug.
  • Aconite is a useful homeopathic remedy which relieves pain and helps cure a red, hot swollen ear.
  • Chamomilla is effective as an inner ear infection treatment, as it treats the pain in the cheek which is on the same side as the affected ear.
Remedies mentioned above should only be used for a mild form of infection. Serious infection may require certain advanced medical treatments. It is best to consult a physician in case of a serious infection.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is solely for educating the reader. It is not intended to be a substitute for the advice of a medical expert.