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Phiten Necklace Review

Phiten Necklace Review
Do you wish to sport the cool Phiten necklace that your favorite athlete wears? This review will tell you if it is really worth buying or not.
Ashwini Kulkarni Sule
Alternative medicine products such as magnetic bracelets and amulets, have garnered great response from people in recent years. Wearing Phiten necklaces are a craze amongst the followers of alternative medicine, and have also become a fashion accessory with the youth. Many baseball players and other athletes flaunt these necklaces.
Phiten Necklace Review
Phiten necklace is the brainchild of Yoshihiro Hirata, a Japanese practitioner of alternative medicine. In 1982, he founded a company named Phi-Ten which specialized in products based on alternative medicine. Phiten necklaces were first launched and marketed in Japan. According to the manufacturers, the product provides relief against muscle pain, joint pain, and brings a heightened sense of calmness to the wearer. Initially, the use of this product was only restricted to athletes. It is believed to have improved the performance and stamina of the players. However, over the years, even common people are turning to this innovative product.
How It Works
The working of this product is based on the principle of alignment and the stabilizing of energies. The titanium necklace works with the energy system of the body, to align biocurrents in the body. As all of us know, the nervous system's communication takes place through the medium of electrical currents. A steady flow of bioelectrical currents is required for the proper functioning of the body. When this flow gets disrupted, the body suffers from tiredness, muscle fatigue, etc. The titanium in the Phiten necklace interferes with the biocurrents of the body and realigns them. This provides a sense of rejuvenation and calmness for the wearer.
The therapeutic properties of this product are due to titanium infusion. Titanium being a good conductor of electricity, can stabilize and align the flow of electric currents in the body. Increased blood circulation, and relief from shoulder and neck pain, are some of the benefits of wearing a titanium necklace. One can also tie it around their wrist or ankles to relieve pain from these areas. Although the FDA has not yet backed the therapeutic properties of this product, the manufacturers are already touting it as a miracle piece of jewelry.
Do They Really Work?
In spite of the absence of clinical evidence in support of this product, most Phiten titanium necklace reviews have offered it a good rating. Some of these reviews bear the testimonials of hundreds of satisfied consumers. There are thousands of people who have reported a boost of energy and a feeling of rejuvenation after wearing it. However, this fact can be attributed to the willpower of these people rather than the therapeutic effects of the necklace.
Since these people are often staunch supporters of alternative medicine and expect miraculous results from such products, their bodies trick them into believing that they are actually experiencing positive results. Whatever the reason, the fact is, some people have indeed experienced great results from wearing it.
However, technically, titanium doesn't do much to the biocurrents of the body. The body is pretty much capable of taking care of its own energy flow. The effect of titanium on these currents is negligible. In fact, the human body is subjected to far stronger currents in day-to-day life. Hence, the propositions that titanium aligns these currents and stabilizes them, is not entirely truthful. Nonetheless, this shouldn't deter you from enjoying the possible benefits of wearing this necklace.