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Puffy Eyes Treatment

Application of cold compress and eye creams is more than enough to get rid of puffy eyes.
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When the delicate tissues around the eyes appear swollen, the condition is referred as puffy eyes. Also known as bags under the eyes, eye puffiness is the result of accumulation of body fluids in the tissues around the eyes. Excessive use of the eye is the main reason behind this unusual appearance of the eye. Sitting in front of the computer for prolonged periods of time or inadequate sleep are the common causes of puffy eyes. Excessive crying, dehydration, alcohol consumption or an allergic reaction of a medicine, can also lead to eye puffiness.
Age is another factor that can cause eye puffiness. The normal aging process can also have a negative impact on the tissues located around the eyes. It is observed that swelling of eyes is more common among old people. This is because, with age, the delicate skin around the eyes loses its elasticity, thus making them to appear puffy.
Increase Water Intake
Increasing water consumption is one of the best ways to combat dehydration. This will help to reduce fluid retention around eyes.
Cold Therapy
A natural home remedy to treat swollen eyes, is to wash face with cold water. Splashing cold water on the eyes can work wonders to decrease swelling. One can also take cotton balls and immerse them in cold water. Before applying these cotton balls for 10 minutes on the swollen eyes, make sure they are squeezed properly. This method of application of cold water has been quite effective to treat puffy eyes.
Eye Mask
There are special eye masks and have pockets to fill cold water. Wearing eye masks containing cold water, can improve swollen eyes.
Cucumber Slice
As we all know, cucumber being cold by nature, can provide great amount of relief to the eyes. Simply put cucumber slice on the affected eye several times in a day for 10-15 minutes and one will notice the desired change within a few days.
Tea Bags
Just take 2 tea bags and dip them in cold water and the put them in refrigerator for 3-4 hours. Once, it is done, you need to put these bags on your closed eyes for a few minutes and one will get relief from the associated discomfort.
Prescription Drugs
As aforementioned, allergy to certain medicines can also cause contribute to eye puffiness. In such cases, the doctor may prescribe drugs to reduce this eye inflammation. Also staying away from allergens, would help to stop episodes of eye puffiness.
Using eye creams or ointments that contain aloe vera as an active ingredient, are helpful as they alleviate puffy eyes by restoring the elasticity of the tissues around the eyes.
Wearing contact lenses all the time, can also irritate the eyes and cause puffiness in eyes. So, it would be better, to remove them at night or whenever not in use. On the whole, there is absolutely no need to visit a doctor and the aforementioned home remedies are capable enough to restore normal appearance of eyes. This is a temporary eye problem, that most of the time vanishes without any treatment.