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Neck Pain on the Right Side

Neck pain or soreness on either sides of the neck can be an annoying condition to suffer from. Here's what you can do to get rid of it, and more importantly, prevent it from recurring.
HolisticZine Staff
Last Updated: Jun 3, 2018
Just like the oft-used idiom, a pain in the neck is, quite literally, a pain in the neck indeed. Bothersome, distressing, excruciating, and unpleasant, it turns a regular day into living hell. If nothing, it makes us realize how often we make use of our neck during the course of the day, with every little twitch shooting waves of pain right down to the upper back region.
Reasons that lead to neck pain are mostly quite innocuous. They include spending long hours in front of the computer, sleeping in an awkward position, or having a bad posture. Neck pain brings with it a sense of raging discomfort into every little activity we perform during the course of the day. Here's what you can do to relieve the pain on the right side of the neck.
Treatment for Neck Pain
Treating neck pain usually depends on the nature of the injury. Mild pain in this region can be alleviated using simple home remedies. However, neck pain that is caused due to trauma or blows to the neck can be serious in nature, and will require you to take specialist measures.
1. Apply an Ice Pack
This is the oldest and simplest remedy in the book, and works well to reduce the symptoms of a muscle pull in the entire body. Apply an ice pack to the affected area of the neck for 4-5 times a day, with each application lasting 10-15 minutes. Application of ice will effectively dull the pain and provide instant relief.
2. Use Heat Pads
Using heat pads may sound conflicting right after the ice pack treatment tip, but the key lies in restrained application of heat. The warmth from the heating pad improves blood circulation in the affected area, thus bringing relief from soreness. However, prolonged heat treatment can aggravate neck pain as well, so it is necessary not to go overboard with the application of heat.
3. Indulge in a Massage
A good massage will ease out those tense muscles, and help you get rid of the pain. Use a massage oil or a body lotion and rub it over the affected area with gentle, circular motions. It works best when you ask another person to do it, rather than yourself.
4. Just R-e-l-a-x
Neck pain is often the result of stress or bad posture. Therefore, to effectively get rid of it, ample amount of rest is necessary. Take efforts to zero in on the exact cause of your neck pain and eliminate it at the earliest. It could be incorrect bedding, or even the placement of the computer on your desk. Craning your neck to use the phone can also leave you with one-sided neck pain. It may take time, but avoiding the trigger will help your neck muscles to heal and recover.
5. Try Medication
If the neck pain persists despite the measures mentioned above, you may try consuming medication to counter the pain. Painkillers like ibuprofen and aspirin are recommended by most doctors, but if you have an allergy to either, it is best to consult your physician.
Avoiding the Occurrence of Neck Pain
There is a long list of reasons that cause neck pain, and avoiding it requires you to analyze your lifestyle, and perhaps even consider a complete overhaul. Identify what's troubling your neck muscles and work towards eliminating it from the root.
Are you too stressed out?
Neck pain, since ages, has been a foremost symptom of stress. Banish the stress from your life, and it is sure to make a difference, physically. Every hour, take a few minutes off your work desk and relax your neck and shoulder muscles. Gently rotate them, move them back and forth in order to increase blood flow in the area. Any buried tension tends to aggravate muscle pain, so ensure that you indulge in some activity that relaxes you. Traditional methods include meditation, yoga, exercising, listening to music, etc. You may also pursue a hobby of your choice to help you relax.
Are you too stiff?
Invariably, it is the long hours spent at the work desk that tends to crank up the neck. Sitting hunched over, looking at the computer is sure to stiffen the muscles in the neck, shoulders and upper arms. This is especially true of those who continuously make use of the computer mouse placed on an elevated level. It is important to adjust your computer screen so that it meets your eye level, Your chair should also be adjusted to your level of comfort.
Are you sleeping right?
Using the wrong kind of bedding can cause more harm than you can imagine. Sleeping on pillows and mattresses that are too hard or too soft can leave your neck and body too sore the next morning. Use a firm mattress instead, along with a pillow that offers support and aligns your neck with your body. For persistent neck pain, your doctor may advise you to use specially designed orthopedic pillows.
Are you fit and flexible?
A sedentary lifestyle brings with it a long list of ailments. Lack of exercise, combined with unhealthy eating habits can lead to lethargy, and eventually, obesity. All these factors play a role in causing muscle pain in various parts of the body. Therefore it is important to practice some form of exercise to maintain easy mobility and flexibility of the muscles in order to prevent neck pain.
Neck pain may not always be counted as a serious ailment, but it can be painful enough to bring a regular day's activity to a complete halt. You are advised to take the necessary precautionary measures to avoid the occurrence of neck pain.
Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is solely for educating the reader. It is not intended to be a substitute for the advice of a medical expert.