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Shankhpushpi Reviews

Shankhpushpi Reviews

Shankhpushpi is a herbal medicine, which has been used in India for many years. It is known to have many benefits which include relaxing the nerves and reducing stress. Here are some shankhpushpi reviews that will help you understand this medicine better.
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In Ayurveda (ancient medicinal branch in India) the herb shankhpushpi has been used for various purposes. However, basically it has been used as a brain tonic, which helps to stimulate and enhance memory. Shankhpushpi basically comes from four plants which are Convolvulus pluricaulis, Clitoria ternatea (Papilionaceae), C. microphyllus and Evolvulus alsinoides (Convolvulaceae). This group of herbs together are referred to as shankhpushpi. The plant convolvulaceae has flowers which resemble the shankha or conch shell, hence comes the word shankhpushpi. Shankhpushpi has been used for centuries to treat various ailments. There are not many studies done on shankhpushpi however, a lot is mentioned in Ayurvedic scriptures. Scriptures show that this herb is very helpful for treating various illness which include mental and physical stress. Let us look at what are the ingredients present in shankhpushpi and their benefits.

Review on Shankhpushpi

Canscora decussata contains xanthones, canscoradione, friedelin, loliolide, gluanone, and sterols. Evolvulus alsinoides contains alkaloids. While the Clitoria ternatea variety contains flavonol glycosides such as kaempferol, quercetin and myricetin, for the variety Convolvulus pluricaulis no data was found. The benefits of shankhpushpi herb are due to the rare ingredients present in it. Due to the above ingredients mentioned in shankhpushpi, it helps to boost immunity, acts as an antimycobacterial, and an anticonvulsant, and Shankhpushpi makes a part of many remedies. It is traditionally used to cure insomnia, fatigue, has Nootropic and memory enhancing properties, and acts as an antiulcerogenic.

Shankhpushpi makes a part of many remedies. It is traditionally used to cure insomnia, fatigue, and nervousness. This herb is also used medicinally with milk and cumin to bring down fever, calm the nerves and get rid memory loss. Shankhpushpi is primarily used as a brain tonic. The plant is considered to be a memory boosting drug. However, it also used as a tranquilizer, though shankhpushpi doesn't produce any sleep. Shankhpushpi is used for reducing mental and physical stress. It is used to increase energy levels too. To improve mental health, shankhpushpi acts by relaxing the nerves and thus reducing overall stress. Basically, after using the herb there is reduced levels of anxiety, stress and mental fatigue.

In Ayurvedic literature it is mentioned many times that the use of shankhpushpi as a brain tonic reduces hypertensive syndromes. Intake of the herb tends to have an action of modulation in the chemistry of the brain. Also, this herb is known to have an invigorating effect in improvement of health. This herb also tends to promote weight gain. It is said that shankhpushpi has an affinity towards certain chakras, which are energy centers in the body. It has an affinity for the crown chakra also known as sahasrara, for throat chakra called vishuddha, for heart chakra known as anahata, and for the third eye chakra also called ajna.

Shankhpushpi is available in powder and tablet form. But, you can also buy dried shankhpushpi herbs too. It is important to use the herb within the prescribed limit. You can find the dried herb or supplement at a health store near you, or buy it online. Make sure you choose genuine products, so that you get full results. If you want to use shankhpushpi with milk or another ingredient then take care to mix them in the right proportion.

There are certain studies done on the benefits of this herb. These studies show that shankhpushpi is beneficial for maintaining mental and physical health. However, more research is required to establish the medicinal properties of the herb. But, shankhpushpi has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for years, so after consulting with your doctor you can consider taking shankhpushpi herb or supplements as an alternative treatment.