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Stomach Ulcer Natural Treatment

Stomach Ulcer Natural Treatment

The incidence of stomach ulcers is on a rise because of our erratic eating habits. Apart from medicines, there are several safe and natural treatment options available to cure this condition. Read on to find out.
Ratnashri Dutta
Stomach ulcer occurs when the acid present in our stomach starts eating on the inner walls of the stomach and intestine. This leads to the formation of open sores in the inner wall. If the condition becomes serious and proper medical attention is not given, then these sores or ulcers might start bleeding causing immense pain. The main cause of this ulcer are the Helicobacter pylori bacteria.

These bacteria are present in the inner wall of the stomach, but sometimes when they start destroying the inner lining of the stomach, it results in stomach ulcers. Excess secretion of stomach acids also leads to the illness. Consumption of spicy food and increase in age further accelerate the whole process of ulcer formation. There are various drugs available to treat this condition. Along with that, there are several natural intervention methods that can treat and prevent this problem.

Causes and Symptoms

Before we learn about how to treat the illness, let us acquaint ourselves with a few probable causes and its associated symptoms.

» Smoking, consumption of alcohol, or excess intake of drugs especially non-steroidal anti-inflammatory ones.

» There are certain symptoms that indicate the presence of ulcers in the stomach; however, these usually vary from person to person.

» Some of the common symptoms are pain in the abdomen, loss of appetite, vomiting blood (this is a serious case that requires immediate medical attention), bloated stomach, and constant burping.

Stomach Ulcer Natural Treatment Options

Though there are several over-the-counter medications available to treat ulcers, but the natural options are safe and extremely beneficial in alleviating the pain. Enlisted below are a few remedies, which you can easily try at home.

► Drinking a glass of raw goat's milk is highly effective for treating gastric ulcer. If you want instant relief from gastric pain, then drinking a glass of cold milk, without adding any sugar to it, will help you a lot.

► Cabbage is also an effectual option. Boil some cabbage, let the water cool, strain the cabbage, and drink this water twice daily. You can also extract the juice of cabbage and drink it, but since the juice is quite strong, it is better to mix it with some carrot juice.

► The juice of lime is also beneficial. The citric acid and minerals present in the juice are good for treating this problem.

► One of the best options are bananas. This fruit has an unidentified compound that forms a coating on the inner walls of the stomach. This in turn reduces the irritation and pain caused by the ulcers. It also neutralizes the acidic juices in the stomach. If a person is in the advanced stage of this problem, then a suitable diet for them is two bananas and a glass of sugarless milk everyday.

► Almond milk from blanched almonds is a good source of protein, and it is also useful in neutralizing the acid in the stomach, thus, making it a good natural treatment for stomach ulcers.

► Drinking the water in which wood apple was soaked the entire night is another effective remedy. Placing a hot pack on the abdomen helps in getting rid of the discomfort instantly.

► Fengreek tea is also good, as it creates a lining on the walls of the stomach, which prevents the acid from eating away the inner lining.

► Yoga and various exercises are also great options. Ask your physician or yoga instructor to make you do stomach-specific drills.

These are some of the treatment methods that you can try out. They help in providing instant relief from the pain and discomfort. They are absolutely safe, but if the condition is serious, then do consult your doctor before resorting to these options.

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