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Cure for Heat Rash in Babies

Cure for Heat Rash in Babies

A remedy to provide relief from heat rash in babies must be mild as well as effective. There are several cures that help reduce skin inflammation and soothe the irritation caused due to heat...
Marlene Alphonse
A heat rash is a skin condition where tiny, red boils surface on the skin due to over exposure to heat. Individuals of any age group tend to suffer from a heat rash at some point of time in their lives. Babies suffer as their skin is very sensitive and is more affected by the humidity and heat in the air. It can be seen as tiny, red bumps on the face, hands, and feet. These bumps can also appear on the neck, abdomen, thighs, groin and in regions where there are folds of skin. It can be annoying for the child as it causes a pricking sensation. Treating heat rash in babies must be done with care, so as not to harm their tender skin.

Treatment Options

It is advisable not to use any harsh creams for a heat rash, which contain chemicals that may harm the baby's skin. These heat rash cure remedies are effective and gentle on the child's skin.
  • One of the most common causes of heat rash in babies is hot and humid temperature or getting the baby overdressed. If the child is sweating or his skin is too moist, remove the excess clothing and place him on a cotton towel, which will soak up the excess sweat. Dry him up completely and rub a moist cloth over the rashes to soothe them.
  • Another way to prevent its occurrence is to keep him in a proper ventilated room, which has a cool environment. Dress the baby in light, cotton clothes in summer that will keep the baby's skin dry and prevent rashes.
  • Prickly heat rash can cause itching, so in order to relieve itching sensation and inflammation, bathe your baby in lukewarm water, in which baking soda has been dissolved.
  • Dusting cornstarch powder on the rash and the neighboring areas will soak up the sweat and make the area dry. This is also recommended as a treatment option for children, since it is quite effective.
  • One of the best cure methods is to apply calamine lotion or aloe vera juice on the heat rash. With the help of a cotton ball, gently apply the aloe vera juice or calamine lotion on the rash. This will have a cooling effect and reduce the irritation.
  • Regular trimming of the baby's nails is essential, since the baby may scratch the boils and end up aggravating the condition.
  • There are also a few antibiotics that can be given if the baby has secondary rashes. Never administer self treatment and always consult a doctor before giving any kind of medicine to the baby.
  • To prevent the occurrence of heat rashes, make sure your baby is well hydrated by feeding him water or other fluids at regular intervals. Also take care that the room is airy and cool.
Keep your baby's clothes dry and airy so that his skin does not become damp. Also keep your baby in a room where the temperature is not extreme, to avoid appearance of heat rash.