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Natural Colon Cleanse Methods

Natural Colon Cleanse Methods

Enema, laxatives and herbal teas are some of the ways to cleanse the colon naturally. However, you need to take a cautious approach when it comes to using these cleansing agents.
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Colon cleansing is a method of eliminating toxic matter from the large intestine (colon) that gets accumulated over time. Poor colon health resulting from trapped toxic waste is primarily responsible for excess weight gain, frequent headaches and decreased energy levels. To overcome these health issues, one needs to adopt natural ways to cleanse the colon. They are discussed below:

In this procedure, liquid is injected through the anal area, so as to cleanse the colon. The liquid that is introduced is usually pure water or a solution containing water and homemade yogurt. The amount of water to be inserted through the rectal area will vary from half to a liter. After putting the required quantity of water through the anus, one may experience bloating (feeling of fullness in the stomach), which is natural. It is advised to gently massage the abdominal area and hold this injected water for 2-5 minutes for thorough colon cleansing. Holding the inserted water for just 2 minutes irritates the colon, eventually causing bowel movement. Home enema equipment allows people to practice this method without visiting any doctor's clinic. Once you know how to do a colon cleanse correctly, the doctor's assistance is no longer necessary.

Laxatives that are taken by mouth, are substances that encourage bowel movement and help to cleanse the colon. As compared to enema, this option seems a bit simpler as one has to take the substance orally to cleanse the colon. Oxy-Powder and Psyllium husks are some of the reliable natural laxatives to empty the colon. Psyllium are water-soluble fibers while Oxy-Powder is a fusion of natural ingredients and comes in capsule form. These colon detoxifiers do not contain any artificial chemicals and hence their usage is free from any bothersome side effects.

Herbal Tea
Herbal tea can also contribute to eliminate trapped waste in the colon. Some of the common herbal ingredients found in these teas are Rhamnus purshiana bark, Cascara Sagrada and Berberis vulgaris bark. These herbal teas not only facilitate removal of toxic overload but also boost colon health, thus improving its efficiency.


Be it enema, herbal tea or laxatives, one simply cannot use these colon cleansing agents frequently. This is because, these cleansing agents not only remove waste matter but also rob the body of essential nutrients. Thus, along with toxic waste, nutrients too are eliminated. This can lead to decline in overall health, thus affecting the quality of life. Also, the intestine may lose its ability to push fecal matter, if these methods are used repeatedly over a short interval of time.

On the whole, one should implement these colon cleansing strategies once in a while (if necessary) and focus more on following a healthy diet supported with an exercise regimen. Diet high in fatty foods (pizzas, hamburgers) and an inactive lifestyle are the main factors that contribute to toxic formation in the colon. Adopting a high fiber diet, following an exercise routine and drinking 8-10 glasses of water daily guarantees smooth bowel movement everyday. This way, one can stop toxic waste from accumulating in the colon, thereby ensuring a healthy digestive system years down the line.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is solely for educating the reader. It is not intended to be a substitute for the advice of a medical expert.