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Treatments for Broken Capillaries on Face

Broken capillaries on the face are easily visible, and can make you look unattractive. Hence, treating them on time is extremely essential. Scroll down to learn about the various treatment options for this cosmetic problem.
HolisticZine Staff
Capillaries are tiny blood vessels that are located within the tissues of the body. These are fragile in nature, and may break due to weak vein walls. This may also occur due to some problem in the valves that control the blood flow. Capillaries appear as superficial purple or red lines, just like a web stretching under the skin. When broken, they can become a cause of cosmetic concern, especially if they occur on the face. Find out about the different treatments for broken capillaries on face, in the following text.
One may be genetically predisposed to developing this condition. Other possible reasons that may lead to ruptured capillaries on one's face are:
  • Exposure to harsh rays of the sun
  • Excessive intake of alcohol and other beverages like coffee
  • Aging
  • Hormonal fluctuations
  • Obesity
Treatment Options
Treatment #1
Essential oils used in aromatherapy are beneficial in curing this problem. You can opt for essential oils such as cypress, lemon, rose, geranium, neroli, or palmarosa to treat this problem. Massaging your face with these regularly will be helpful. These oils have anti-inflammatory properties. They help restore elasticity to blood vessels, and also cure the redness of the skin surface.
Treatment #2
Using chamomile or rose oil is another remedy. You just have to mix one of these oils with your moisturizer, and apply regularly on your face. Another remedy is adding one of these to your face mask. You can also use olive oil instead. It will definitely help cure broken veins when used regularly. Drinking chamomile tea will also prove beneficial, as it improves the blood circulation.
Treatment #3
Increasing intake of Vitamins E and C will be helpful in curing ruptured capillaries. These vitamins are helpful in strengthening the capillaries. You can opt for creams that contain these vitamins as major ingredients. Intake of fiber-rich food is also essential. Having a healthy diet, consisting of fresh fruits and vegetables, is a must.
Treatment #4
Mix together 10 drops of evening primrose oil, 8 drops of borage oil, 5 drops of neroli oil, ½ ounce of jojoba oil, and ¼ ounce of rose hip oil. Pour the mixture in a clean, dry bottle, close the lid, and shake well. You can apply this mixture regularly over your face, for effective relief.
In severe cases, you must consult your doctor before using these remedies. You doctor will recommend you the right medications for the treatment. He might also suggest a laser surgery or other cosmetic surgeries, considering the severity of the condition of your capillaries. Hence, if you do notice the signs of ruptured capillaries, it would be best to seek medical help. Make sure you start the treatment at an early stage. Otherwise, you may have to undergo expensive cosmetic treatment.
Disclaimer: This HolisticZine article is solely for informative purpose and not intended to replace the advice of medical experts.