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Cayenne Pepper for Constipation

Cayenne pepper for constipation? Yes, it is often used as a herbal alternative for treating this condition. This herb also has several other miraculous health benefits, such as controlling blood pressure, relieving pain, etc.
HolisticZine Staff
Constipation is a fairly common ailment, which makes the bowel motion irregular, hard and difficult to pass. A persistent occurrence of this condition, if not dealt in time, can cause a string of health complications. These complications include bloating, excessive flatulence, headaches, heartburn, general discomfort, and fistula in the anal cavity. There are many herbal remedies which focus on alleviating this condition.
Cayenne Pepper
Cayenne pepper is a spicy red chili which has high amounts of capsaicin, along with vitamin A, B6, C, E, potassium and manganese. This pepper is also known as Aleva, Bird Pepper, Cow Horn, and Guinea Spice. It is believed to have many health benefits, because of which, it is sold in the form of capsules. These capsules are sold according to their Heat Units (HU) per capsule, and are available in units ranging from 5,000 - 100,000 HU. Cayenne is good for relieving constipation, especially if the condition has resulted from an unhealthy diet routine, medicinal side effect, stress or dehydration.
Using Cayenne to Stop Constipation
✔ Cayenne, when consumed either in powdered chilly form or as capsules, causes a slight burning sensation in the stomach. This burning sensation is believed to be an indication that the herb is working, and is thus helping the constipation lessen.
✔ The colon is a part of the large intestine, which is situated in between the caecum and the rectum. It is the colon which is responsible for retrieving moisture from the food we eat, in order for the waste matter to be excreted with ease. When there is a fall in the moisture being extracted, it often causes the stool to become hardened, dry and constipated.
✔ This medicinal herb stimulates the peristalsis action in the colon and the digestive system, thereby easing the bowel movement and relieving the body of the excessive buildup of flatulence.
✔ Cayenne also helps stimulate the enzymes and mucous to work upon the coagulated and hardened stool. This helps soften the excreta, and reduces the pain during bowel movement.
Precautionary Measures
☞ However, it is very essential that the individual suffering from constipation drinks a lot of water at regular intervals throughout the day. The water will help provide adequate moisture to the digestive system.
☞ The cayenne pepper pills must be taken after normal meals and never on an empty stomach, as that can cause the burning sensation to aggravate.
☞ For those who wish to consume cayenne directly, must never eat the seeds, as it is toxic and must always be discarded.
☞ Also, it would be safer to have something which will cool the stomach soon after consuming this herb, which could be foods such as cold juices, yogurt, or even a bowl of cold fruit salad.
☞ This herb may or may not be recommended for pregnant women, and it would be best to seek medical advice on the administration as well as the dosage of this medicine.
☞ Cayenne pepper must never be taken by people who are already on blood thinning drugs, as this herb may cause the blood to thin even further, and fasten the blood circulation.
Other Health Benefits
✔ Cayenne helps regulate blood pressure and keeps it at an equilibrium.
✔ It lowers high cholesterol levels and prevents plaque formation in the heart.
✔ It helps detoxify the circulatory system and regulates the functions of the pulse and nervous system.
✔ This herb prevents and heals ulcers in the stomach, and is excellent for killing pathogens.
✔ It induces the healing of cells and tissues within the system.
✔ It activates the mucous membrane and helps eliminate congestion in the sinus cavity as well as the chest.
✔ Cayenne relieves inflammation in the muscles, and alleviates rheumatism and arthritis.
Seek medical advice before deciding on your daily dosage of cayenne pepper for constipation, as it may differ for each individual. Children especially must be administered very less doses of this herb. You may have this medicine after every meal or twice a day, or as per the directions of your physician.