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Magnetic Therapy Side Effects

Side Effects of Magnetic Therapy You Might Be Shocked to Know

Magnetic therapy is used for treating a number of ailments. However, there are some magnetic therapy side effects, which need to be taken into consideration before one starts with the therapy...
Bhakti Satalkar
Last Updated: Jun 3, 2018
Magnetic therapy is a part of alternative medicine where static magnetic fields are used. There are different names with which this therapy is referred to, like magnet therapy and magnotherapy. According to experts of this therapy, when an ailing body part is subjected to magnetic fields, it has a positive effect on the said body part, which in turn helps in the healing process.
There are different ways in which magnetic healing therapy can be applied on a patient. There are either electromagnetic devices which are used in the therapy, or permanent static magnets are used. Different products like magnetic therapy bracelets and jewelry, magnetic therapy pillows, magnetic therapy straps, shoe insoles, etc., are available in the market and can be used in the therapy. We will see the side effects shortly, but not before we understand the benefits of the therapy.
Magnetic Therapy Benefits
The most important benefit of magnetic therapy is to relieve pain. Therefore, osteoarthritis patients are recommended the use of different magnetic therapy products to alleviate the condition. While using magnetic therapy for pain, magnetic products are placed on the areas that are in pain. Over a period of time pain is alleviated. People suffering from stress are known to benefit from the use of magnetic therapy. In case of swelling, magnetic straps can be placed on the said area. The swelling will go away in some time. People who suffer from blood circulation problems are known to benefit from the use of magnetic therapy, as it helps in regularization of blood circulation. Women suffering from menstrual cramps are known to benefit a great deal with the use of magnetic therapy.
Magnetic Therapy Side Effects
Minor Side Effects of Magnetic Therapy
The area where the magnet touches the body may be warm to touch, however, this is a normal condition. Magnets help in better blood circulation, which often leads to feeling of warmth in the said area. In most cases, the condition does subside on its own in a few days.
There have been reports of people suffering from tingling sensation with the use of magnetic therapy. This is also attributed to increased circulation of blood to the affected area. Similarly, some people may also suffer from slight dizziness. The body will take some time to get used to the increased blood circulation.
In rare cases, people do complain about skin rash or redness where the magnet comes in contact with the skin. Since magnets do not contain drugs or chemicals, there is no evident reason why would a person should suffer from the rash. Therefore, most practitioners attribute it to psychosomatic reason for the person is scared of the said treatment.
Some patients may experience increase in pain after magnetic therapy session. The increase in pain is often attributed to sensitivity to the power of magnet. This is often the case, only if people are overly sensitive to the magnetic powers. However, in a short duration of time the pain does subside down.
Major Side Effects of Magnetic Therapy
Patients with an internal pacemaker should consult their physician before the use of magnetic therapy, as the magnetic field may cause interruptions in signals between the heart and the pacemaker. It has known to cause malfunction of the pacemaker as well. If your partner has a pacemaker, you will need to consult your partner's physician before you start using magnetic products. The same is the case with people who have internal defibrillators, insulin pumps, etc.
Pregnant women should also avoid the use of magnetic products. It is said that the magnetic fields stimulate cell growth, and with a fetus already growing inside the body, it can cause increased cell growth in the fetus. Research is underway to find out if magnetic fields cause abnormal growth in the fetus.
Magnetic products should not be used during chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Cancer is caused due to abnormal growth of different cells and we have just seen that magnetic therapy stimulates the growth of new cells. In other words, it will have an opposite reaction to that of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.
Since there are some side effects of using magnets for healing, it is best to consult your health care professional before using the said therapy. Also when you are using the therapy, if you do notice any abnormalities,it is best to bring it to the notice of the therapist.