Colloidal Silver Facts

In this article we have shared with you some interesting colloidal silver facts. Read on to know more...
HolisticZine Staff
Colloidal silver is a liquid substance which contains minute Silver particles suspended in distilled water. It is created by passing electricity through this suspension. It has amazing natural antibiotic qualities that can fight off various harmful, disease causing microorganisms like virus, bacteria, fungus, etc. It was first produced in the early part of the 20th century and became a well-known antibiotic in 1930s. However, in 1940s when modern antibiotic medicines came into being, the popularity of colloidal silver went down as it was far more expensive. Today, it is gaining popularity as an alternative medicine all over again, because it is highly effective even on those bacteria which have developed strong resistance towards regular antibiotics.
Health Benefits
The advantage of tiny colloid particles is that they can penetrate easily into the cell membranes of the body. Their electromagnetic properties help them to attract the diseased cells. These cells are then thrown into the bloodstream from where they are flushed out of the body. Thus, it can treat a large number of health problems. Some of the health benefits of colloidal silver are as follows:
  • It is used as a remedy for Influenza virus. Its effect on the Swine flu virus is yet to be tested, although it could be effective in treating this strain of virus too.
  • Colloidal silver, taken orally is readily absorbed into the digestive system, and helps cure indigestion.
  • It strengthens the immune system, and in turn fight off various infections.
  • It has an amazing effect on damaged skin. The application of colloidal silver on cuts, scrapes or sunburn, provides relief from the pain.
  • It can kill the fungus that causes Athlete's foot. If you are prone to this infection, always spray some colloidal silver in your shoes, and then wear them.
  • When used as a mouthwash, it can bring down toothache, herpes and Gingivitis symptoms.
  • It has astringent qualities which have proved to be beneficial on various types of skin problems. It is also believed to be highly effective to treat acne.
  • Use of colloidal silver for pink eye treatment is well known. It can be used as an eye drop or eye wash to treat pink eye, as well as eye stye.
Other Uses
It can also be used to fight off plant diseases. Mix some colloidal silver into water, and water your plants with it. This way you can protect your plants from several harmful diseases, and also promote plant growth. If you want to keep the flowers in your vase fresh for a long time, sprinkle a little bit of the silver on the flowers.
It also makes for an excellent disinfectant. In ancient times, people used to store water in silverware in order to purify the water. Today, it is being used in water systems of airplanes and spacecraft in order to obtain filtered water which is free from various waterborne germs.
Doses of Colloidal Silver
As you can see colloidal silver can be used for both topical application as well as oral consumption. It is available as a dietary supplement of various strengths. Among them, a supplement of 50 ppm (parts per million) and 500 ppm are most widely used. For oral intake, a few drops of 500ppm of colloidal silver can be taken directly under the tongue. It can also be diluted with water. On the other hand, for external use, 50 ppm of the solution can be applied directly at the site of infection. There are no side effects as such, but its over-consumption is bad for health. If you follow the dosage given here, and take it once a day, then there is little chance of an overdose. It is always advised to consult your doctor before you start using any alternative medicine.
When buying colloidal silver, choose one from a reputed company. The container should be made of dark glass, and not plastic. At home, you should store it in a dark place as light can cause harm to the constituents of the solution.
Disclaimer: This Buzzle article is for informative purposes only, and should not be used as a replacement for expert medical advice.