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Does the iRenew Bracelet Work?

Does the iRenew Bracelet Work?

Are you intrigued by the new advertisement of iRenew bracelet? This article tells you all about its working, and gives a complete review of the product.
Ashwini Kulkarni Sule
Alternative and holistic medicine has always believed in the effect of energies on our body. It is believed that the various positive and negative vibes which engulf us, affect our physical and mental wellness in some way. There are various ways in which you can harness the positive energies, and ward off the negative or evil energies around you. The last decade has seen a tremendous demand for equipment that helps balance these vibes. This equipment mostly comes in the form of jewelry such as neck-pieces, bracelets, rings, anklets, etc. The iRenew bracelet is the latest entrant in the market of magnetic therapy and jewelry.

Does it Work?

Electromagnetic waves are all around us. The various energies around us along with our natural energies form the biofield around us. Often, these vibes are in a state of imbalance, which leads to several physical and mental disorders. The iRenew bracelet is said to balance this biofield by adjusting the frequencies of electromagnetic radiation.

The bracelet adjusts your biofield by taking the energies, balancing them, and injecting them back to your biofield. The energy which is injected back is balanced and renewed. Besides, it is in its most natural form so that your body can easily absorb it. This fresh energy has various advantages which can benefit you at various levels.

To avail the myriad benefits of iRenew bracelet, you simply have to wear it round the clock. Its effects can be experienced within 15 to 20 minutes of wearing it. The longer you wear the bracelet, the more benefits you can avail. The bracelet is believed to reduce stress, and increase tolerance towards stressful situations.

Besides that, it improves the function of the immune system, thereby protecting you against various diseases and infections. Other health benefits include reduction in inflammation, and improvement in the sleep pattern. It claims to improve your overall quality of life.


In the absence of any clinical trials and surveys, it is very difficult to predict the efficacy of this product. You can find numerous testimonials and reviews on the Internet, which support the results produced by this product. However, you may not get unbiased views from experts who are not interested in the sale of this product.

Thus, the views expressed on the websites are highly influenced by the personal experiences of individuals who have used this bracelet. While some individuals experience magnificent results within days of wearing it, others may not notice any change at all. These people do not experience any effect, neither good nor bad.

However, the manufacturing company has decided to stand by its product. It promises to refund your money if you do not experience any of the benefits mentioned in the advertisement. However, there are certain terms and conditions regarding the refund policy. Some say that the bracelet is effective only if you believe in its healing power. Although, not many agree with this philosophy, people who have experienced benefits of this product, claim to have strongly believed in its power right from the beginning.

Thus, the effectiveness of iRenew bracelet is highly controversial. If you have been living fine so far, perhaps there is no reason for you to resort to such devices.