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Colon Cleanse at Home

Colon Cleanse at Home

Carrying out a colon cleanse at home is the perfect way to 'service' your body and get it working effectively again. Read the following article for some recipes and the ways of how to go about it.
Rujuta Borkar
You get your body into a spa for a body treatment a few times a year, right? And you feel relaxed and rejuvenated after that? That's for your external body then. But what about the internal body? The effective functioning of it and on which is based the health of the external body? Confusing? No, it's not. It's simple - your internal organs and functioning needs to be good if the external body has to function effectively. It's something like spirituality. No, scratch that. Moving on. So how do you ensure that your internal body stays fit and fine? By following a healthy lifestyle (eat, sleep, exercise). But then there also needs to be a detoxification process carried out. A detox will lead to the cleansing of the colon (which stores all the harmful toxins) and hence rid the body of all the dangerous toxins that cause all the diseases and ailments to happen. Let us get into the details of the same in the following article.

Natural Colon Cleansing at Home

So how to do you go about cleansing the colon at home? It's simple once you get the basics of it right. Let me just take you through an effective way of carrying out an easy colon cleanse.

Why We Need One
The idea behind the cleansing is not only to get rid of the build up of toxins, but also to rest your colon and digestive system. When we eat on normal days, we don't really pay heed to the amount or type of food we are consuming, we simply keep on filling our stomachs and taxing it in turn. This then has a direct effect on the digestive health because the system cannot cope with it. And thus it leads to many problems like bloating, obesity, flatulence and constipation among others. With a colon cleanse you are aware of the kind of and the amount of food you're eating and therefore the system gets cleansed and rejuvenated, thus making it more efficient at work.

The Process
Here is how you go about the process of colon cleansing:
  • Wake up to a glass of warm water mixed with a tbs of honey and a tbs of lemon juice. Drink this right after you wake up.
  • After about 30 minutes have a combination of fruits except bananas and mangoes.
  • After which whenever you feel hungry have soups, boiled and raw vegetables and drink plenty of water (avoid fruit juices as far as possible. Have the fruits instead.)
  • There is no fixed quantity of how much to eat and when. Follow a simple rule - eat when you feel hungry, stop when you're full.
  • While you're on this colon cleanse, you cannot have anything else except the products that are recommended. Which means strictly no tea, coffee, carbs, chocolates, processed foods, oil, spicy foods and the like.
  • Do not do this if you have your periods, ladies.
  • After the cleansing is done, make sure that when you have food the next day, it is not spicy, oily or rich. Keep it simple. That will give you the best results.
  • How do you know if the cleanse is working? One way of knowing this is if you're constantly running to the bathroom. Not as in diarrhea, but it's more frequent than the other times. This shows that the colon is dispelling all the waste material. Another way of knowing that it is working, is if you find your face glowing at the end of the day.
  • Ideally a cleanse should be done every 15 days.
Colon Cleanse Products
What other products could be included in the colon cleanse diet? Here is a list of some of the most effective products that you can use and prepare your own recipes.
  • Water
  • Herbs like aloe vera, neem leaves, ginger and cayenne pepper.
  • Fruits and vegetables - raw, boiled or steamed.
  • Fiber-Foods that contain fiber are oats, vegetables, beans, nuts, etc.
  • Yogurt and buttermilk
  • Plums
  • Green papaya (especially good due to the papain enzyme)
  • Cashew water (before fermentation)
So a colon cleanse at home is really the best way to pump your system up! And simple as well, with no torture or dieting and fasting involved. Don't think of how and if you'll be able to do it, but more about the amount of good it'll do for you! That is the right attitude to have. All the best!