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Colon Hydrotherapy Risks

Colon hydrotherapy is a part of colon cleansing, which is basically a procedure of removing waste and toxins from the colon. But this therapy can occasionally cause some serious complications, which are briefly explained in this article.
HolisticZine Staff
Colon hydrotherapy refers to colon irrigation, which can be a part of colon cleansing. In other words, colon cleansing can sometimes take the form of colon hydrotherapy. Colon cleansing or colon therapy is basically a type of alternative therapy used for eliminating waste and toxins from the colon and the intestinal tract.
Colon cleansing is a very ancient practice that is based on the belief that, fecal decomposition within the colon or the intestine can lead to the formation of toxins, that can eventually enter the circulatory system, and then spread to other parts of the body. But colon cleansing and irrigation can help get rid of such toxins, and thus, reduce the risk of certain diseases.
However, modern scientific research have refuted this kind of belief. Nevertheless, many people go for this procedure. So, let's find out what are the potential benefits of colon cleansing and hydrotherapy, along with the risks associated with the procedure.
Benefits of Colon Hydrotherapy
This therapy uses enemas, and inject water into the colon with the help of special equipment. The main purpose of this procedure is to break down the toxic materials and remove the debris accumulated inside the colon. At the same time, the colon therapist ensures that the proper shape of the colon is restored through the action of injected water, and the special massage they perform.
Colon cleansing or hydrotherapy is believed to be effective in stimulating the reflex points through which the colon connects to other organs of the body. The stimulation of these reflex points is believed to benefit the respective organs of the body. The other major benefits of this procedure as claimed by its proponents are, restoration of the normal functions of the colon, expulsion of parasites, restoration of the normal peristaltic movement of the colon, weight reduction, and alleviation of some common gynecological problems like dysmenorrhea.
Colon Hydrotherapy Dangers
Most of the proclaimed benefits of this treatment have not been proved scientifically. But the risks associated with this procedure can be quite serious at times, especially if it is not carried out with adequate care. Several side effects of colon cleansing have been reported over the years, which can prove fatal at times, especially if the side effects are not recognized on time.
Some of the major complications are associated with the damage caused by the equipment used in the procedure. Sometimes, the equipment can damage the colon and cause colon perforation, if they are not used or handled properly. On the other hand, the use of equipment that are not properly sterilized can increase the risk of an infection or amoebiasis.
In colon irrigation, certain herbs are also used, along with water. Sometimes, certain enema preparations used in the procedure can lead to potentially fatal conditions, like fluid and electrolyte imbalance. This in turn, can cause dehydration and depletion of salts in the body. Moreover, frequent interventions in the normal functioning of the colon can eventually make it dependent on artificial ways for defecation.
This procedure can also disturb the natural balance between the bacteria and chemicals in the colon, and also reduce the ability of the colon to remove dead cells. Some other possible complications associated with this procedure are, heart failure and heart attacks that can be caused by electrolyte imbalance, the use of some specific enema preparations, breaching of the wall of the colon, and lung problems due to excessive water retention.
Many experts are of the opinion that colon cleansing is not necessary, as our body is empowered with the ability to cleanse waste materials and toxins on its own. So, the colon can get rid of most of the accumulated toxic materials on its own. But still, there are many people who believe in the benefits of colon cleansing. But when this procedure is not executed properly, or when the equipment are not used carefully, it can cause some potentially serious side effects. Therefore, be sure to do some prior research about the process and the experience of the colon therapist, before going for this therapy. You should also talk to your physician or health care provider before coming to any conclusion regarding this therapy, and its benefits.
Disclaimer: This HolisticZine article is for informative purposes only, and should not be replaced for the advice of a medical professional.