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What are the Side Effects of Deep Tissue Massage

There's nothing more relaxing than a nice massage every now and again. But how harmful is it to indulge in them too frequently, and are there any fallouts of deep tissue massages? Keep reading, to learn more about it.
HolisticZine Staff
An occasional visit to the spa, a great relaxing massage, someone pampering you for a while, it all sounds good, doesn't it? Whenever someone feels the need to de-stress these days, a trip to the best spa is always on the cards. Once at the spa there are so many kinds of massages to choose from, there's something to suit the body's every need. There's the Swedish massage, the Hot Stone massage, the Thai massage, the Deep Tissue massage, and a lot more. It is important to remember though that occasional indulgence does not hurt, but too much of anything can be harmful. But what exactly is this massage, how does it help the body, and what are the side effects that come with it? Take a look...
An Overview
This is a type of massage that is designed to free the body from all the stress and tension that the muscles have to deal with. This massage works by focusing on the deeper tissue structures of the body, which are also known as connective tissues. It is best recommended for areas such as the back, neck and shoulders. When any of these areas are affected by a certain stiffness or muscle tension it basically leads to the adherence of ligaments or muscles to each other. When this happens the body normally has to deal with pain and discomfort, and in certain cases also blockage of blood circulation. A massage is therefore indulged in so as to free the body from all this discomfort. This massage is most frequently used when the body is dealing with recovery from injuries, restricted mobility, degenerative joint problems, spasms or muscle tension, and other chronic pains. Then again, if not done properly, negative effects could show up. So now take a look at what the side effects of this massage are.
Side Effects
There are no major fallouts of a massage like this. However, the body may experience a certain level of soreness for a few days after. Take a look at what the body may have to deal with after going through this massage.
As mentioned above, the first problem that may crop up is that of soreness. Most often, the body is not used to intense massage treatments that help relieve stress. After going through a massage of this kind, it is likely that the body could feel a little numb, just like it feels when one goes through an intense workout after a long time. This soreness doesn't last long, and the feeling normally passes within a day or two at the most.
This feeling of sickness normally lasts only as long as the massage treatment is going on. Reason behind feeling nauseous is that this massage works towards ridding the body of toxins. When the body is going through the process of freeing the body of this waste, a queasy feeling is fairly common. This feeling also normally disappears once the massage session is over.
Slight Bruising or Headaches
The reason I team these when I talk about the side effects is that neither of them are widely experienced by people. With regards to the headaches, it most often is just a result of probably lying on the massage table for too long, and this generally stops after getting off from there. In terms of the bruising, this too isn't a cause of concern. It is very rarely observed, and if it does happen, it is only because of the amount of pressure applied during a massage.
The side effects of this massage are seldom experienced. If you do feel uncomfortable though, make sure to drink a lot of water since that will help ease the discomfort, and will allow the body to recover a lot quicker. Also, do not hesitate to indulge in a good massage of your choice every once in a while, because the body does need to get relieved of the stress from time to time.