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Earwax Removal Candle

Using a earwax removal candle to get rid of the wax in your ears has come to be one of the most effective (though controversial) methods of ear cleaning. Many feel that there is tremendous risk involved in the same, while others opine that if handled well, it is a highly successful method.
HolisticZine Staff
Earwax is present in our ears because it protects the eardrums and the canal from foreign materials, fungus and other debris that can enter and cause harm to the ears. Though it plays a very important function, yet, earwax cannot be allowed to fester and needs to be cleaned regularly. If this isn't done, it can lead to ear infections and cause complications like hearing loss.
When cleaning one's ears, many people go in for the earwax removal candle stating that there are several benefits of adopting this method. In the following article, we shall take you through this method of earwax removal and also discuss whether it is a safe option to choose and to determine whether earwax candles work.
The Earwax Candle
Let's understand what ear candling is. Ear candling, the process of using a earwax candle to get rid of the excess wax, has been in practice for many years now. A ear candle is purported for removing earwax in a holistic way. It is made of cotton or beeswax or other fabric wrapped in the shape of a cone. The cone is then dipped in wax and allowed to solidify. While using an ear candle for earwax removal purpose, one end is placed in the ear and the other end is lit. The smoke generated by the burning candle is believed to create a vacuum pressure inside the hollow candle, which helps in suctioning or drawing out earwax from the ear canal.
The use of a ear candle for removing earwax is known as ear candling. The safety of ear candling is debatable and many countries, including Canada, ban selling of ear candles. As per the proponents of this candle, it is a natural method to get rid of impacted earwax and accumulated debris from the ear canal. Whereas, according to others, it is unsafe and poses risk of severe damage to the ear parts. They also claim that the dark waxy substance left inside the burnt candle is not actually earwax, but the remains of the candle.
Speaking more about what is an ear candle and its safety, using a burning candle in the ear is not free from dangers. After all, the human ear is extremely sensitive as compared to other bodily parts. Chances are that the hot wax might drip in the auricular area. This may cause burns to ear parts and in severe cases, may even lead to the rupturing of the eardrum(s). Practically, many people have achieved impressive results after using ear candles, while some sustain irreversible ear problems after the procedure.
Materials Needed
These are the materials that you will need to arrange for
  • Bucket full of water.
  • Rough cloths that don't burn.
  • Cardboard plate
  • Scissors
The Process
  1. Understand these ear candling instructions carefully before starting out the process.
  2. Lie on your side with a pillow under your ear and rough cloths covering your shoulders and the pillow.
  3. Using the ear candle, pierce it into the cardboard plate (about an inch deep). Once the tip of the candle has been inserted into the ear (make sure that the candle has blocked the ear canal fully), light the other end while making sure that cardboard plate and the ear are in an upright position. Also ensure that the smoke does not escape.
  4. Let the candle burn till it has about an inch and a half left. After which, extinguish the candle.
  5. Now cut the candle open and you'll find that all the debris and earwax has been expended.
If you feel like there is still more in there, you could try repeating the same process. But make sure that there really is something there. Sometimes a little residue will be left back in the ear. Just take a soft cloth, dampen it and then wipe gently. Or you could take a cotton swab and use that for the same. After cleaning, pour about 4-5 drops of garlic oil into the ear and seal with a cotton ball. This will prevent any infections. Now turn on the other side and repeat with the next ear.
Using a earwax candle is one of those home remedy methods that can be effectively used with only a little precaution and preparation. Yet, there has been an ongoing debate on the terms of whether this earwax removal solution is safe or not.
Is the Process Safe?
There are several points that have been raised about the safety of using a candle for earwax impaction. Here are some of those doubts.
  • Burning of the ear or areas surrounding it, in case of a spill.
  • Puncturing of the eardrums.
  • Hear loss and tinnitus.
  • Onset of several ear problems.
The earwax candle has gained a lot of popularity in the recent past. Yet it is always advisable that you do not attempt to carry forth this method on your own and always take the help of someone. All the best!