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Health Benefits of Foot Reflexology

Health Benefits of Foot Reflexology

Foot reflexology is a massage technique that is used as a complimentary therapy in some medical conditions to provide added benefits to the patient. Read on, to know more about it and its health benefits.
Priyanka Kosta Sonkushre
Reflexology is a massage technique that came into picture during the Egyptian era. It is a type of massage which involves application of pressure at specific points to provide relief from certain medical conditions. Reflexology basically involves massage of the hands and feet, and foot reflexology is the one that has gained significant popularity. It does not aim to cure a specific condition, but certainly helps in improving the well-being of a patient. This relaxation therapy is not specifically meant for people with medical ailments, rather can be taken up by any person who wants to enjoy a relaxing foot massage and feel rejuvenated.

How does Foot Reflexology Work?

Foot reflexology is somewhat similar to acupuncture. It is based on the theory that specific points or nerve zones on the foot correspond to specific organs of the body, and massaging these areas will reflect in improved functioning of these organs and subdue illness associated with them. It is believed that any form of illness in the body in reflected as a "lump" in the corresponding area on foot. Massaging helps in stimulating the area and improve vitality. A foot reflexology session can be carried out at home, medical center, and foot spas registered to provide this therapy. Where to undergo the therapy is an individual's choice. It is always better to choose a place where the person can relax during the session. A typical foot reflexology session lasts for an hour or so.

A trained reflexologist is the best person to provide this alternative therapy. During the session, the reflexologist starts with stretching the foot in order to loosen and relax it. Once relaxed, he starts massaging areas on foot using his thumb and forefinger. By doing so, he stimulates the nerve endings on the foot which correspond to particular areas of the body. Massaging results in increased blood flow and improved energy in the corresponding areas or organs of the body thereby, improving their functioning and vitality.

Benefits of Foot Reflexology

Blood Circulation
Foot reflexology helps in improving blood circulation in the body. Improved blood circulation to various body parts increases their proficiency and renders them capable of fighting against diseases, thus, strengthening the body's immune system.

Hectic lifestyle is often associated with high stress levels. Nowadays, people have no time for relaxation as they are always on the 'go' which leads to the precipitation of health problems. Foot reflexology is often used to reduce stress levels and aid in relaxation.

Sore Feet
Nothing can be more pleasing than a foot massage for a person with sore feet. People who have jobs that involve long hours of standing usually suffer from this problem. Sore feet definitely hamper their working capability and productivity. A foot reflexology therapy can surely work wonders for such people.

Acute and Chronic Pain
Reflexology is also helpful in providing relief from acute or chronic pain associated with a body part. It can be useful for people suffering from frequent bouts of headache, arthritis, etc.

Foot Ulcer
Reflexology is used as a supplementary therapy along with standard medical treatment to treat diabetic foot ulcers. The therapy improves blood circulation, which in turn reduces the time required for healing ulcers.

Reflexology is known to help people suffering from high blood pressure. The therapy helps in reducing systolic blood pressure, but does not have any effect on diastolic blood pressure. Along with blood pressure, the massage therapy also improves the well-being and satisfaction in patients.

Women suffer from anxiety, depression, night sweats, and hot flashes during menopause. Foot reflexology helps in relieving the said problems associated with women during menopause.

Men and women undergo many changes with aging. Reflexology can prove beneficial in reducing depression and stress associated with aging.

Apart from the above health benefits, foot reflexology also helps a person enjoy sound sleep and develop peace of mind, which ultimately leads to increased energy in the person. A foot reflexology therapy can be painful for some people due to pressure intolerance. Such people should inform the reflexologist of their low tolerance to pressure so that he can make appropriate pressure adjustments. Taking up a foot reflexology massage does not mean you need to suffer from an ailment, you can simply enjoy it to de-stress yourself and feel rejuvenated!