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Yarrow Flower Essence for Emotional Healing

Yarrow Flower Essence for Emotional Healing

Just like you get back to nature for a serene weekend to relax, a lot of nature's goodies like flowers, are used to bring about a balanced mind and for emotional healing. Yarrow flower is a healing herb used both physically and mentally. Given below is all about yarrow flower essence. Take a look.
Dhanashree Patane
Nature and its blessings can never fail you, and a lot of people will agree to this. It is perhaps the safest and most effective option to heal and enhance all that is troubled with man. Flowers along with their charm of breathtaking visual appearance are also known to have some amazing medicinal and healing properties. Research has led us to the exposure of many such flowers, where the essence of these flowers is used to cure and enhance physical and mental well-being. It was observed that the adaptation skills of plants to the environment like proper growth, changing weather conditions, reaction to the other plants and species is also related to how they can be an important attribute to heal human beings, not only physically but more at a higher emotional and spiritual level. A well-known flower with intriguing properties is the yarrow flower. Known as 'Achellia Millefolium' in botanical terms, this flower is mostly found in the rocky regions, in areas of the northern hemisphere, and is more commonly found in North America.

More on yarrow plant tells us that the flowers come in flat clusters, and the plant has fine segments of leaves. The flowers may be daisy like and white, lavender, yellow or pink in color. This plant is known through centuries for the many benefits it is blessed with. The stem, flower and leaves have medicinal uses. Did you know that its healing properties are what give the yarrow flower its meaning, which is:- 'Good Health and Healing'

Medicinal Benefits of Yarrow Flower
Yarrow is known to be an effective remedy since centuries. This flower has amazing astringent, anti-inflammatory, and anti bacterial properties. It was believed that since ancient times yarrow was chewed, applied topically to heal wounds, and relieves stress and pain. Yarrow contains tannins, volatile oils, alkaloids, and many beneficial substances that help in digestion, regulate blood pressure, and heals wounds. So we know yarrow is an excellent medicine, for physical healing. A lot more is rendered by this flower to spiritual and mental healing as well.

Essence of Yarrow Flowers for Emotional Healing
The essence of yarrow flower has more benefits. Flower essence therapy was first developed by Dr. Edward Bach in the year 1930. It concluded that any physical trauma is deeply related to an imbalance in the higher spiritual energies in a human being. In case of yarrow, we will first understand the essence qualities or profile of this flower to understand better. This flower has some positive qualities and a typical nature of imbalance. It possesses inner radiance, has a captivating energy and strong aura. Compassion, strong medicinal and healing properties, sensitivity and awareness are some more positive aspects in the essence of this flower. Now let us take a look at the benefits that the essence of yarrow flower gives us:
  • The essence of this flower is highly balancing. It creates a balance in empathy in the soul and higher energies. This essence is beneficial for people who are more sensitive and feel more affected with all the things going around and the environment. This includes all the negative energies, negative emotions and relating to pain too. There are some people who cannot help but get disturbed by the environment, they feel attacked by the problems, pain and negativity of other people around them, which also confuses one's own feelings with the bad and negative feelings of others.
  • Basically it is the soul and aura of sensitive people that is overly absorbent. So they do understand empathy, but fail to understand how and when to stop absorbing the negativity and pain of others. In such cases the essence of yarrow is very beneficial, it helps a sensitive person balance and regain control of his soul and energy, which creates a balance in emotions. It makes the person feel more protected from attracting negativity and pain. Once this is achieved the soul feels free from the bondage of excess empathy and controls the extreme effects they have on the individual.
  • Yarrow essence builds a fence, guards or blocks the excess doors in the aura of a sensitive individual, so that none of the person's empathy and emotions mix with the world outside.
The essence of yarrow flower will leave a person with balanced emotions, higher vitality and channelize energies from the higher soul to the lower centers of the body. Different colors of the yarrow will have slightly different energies and effects on emotional healing.

There are many cases of emotional healing with yarrow flowers, that have been a success. Most experts who absorb their clients negative energy to heal them, also use yarrow essence to heal themselves. Yarrow essence is a spiritual way to heal your emotional world, after all, we all are born in nature, all about nature shares its vibes and energy and somewhere there is a spiritual connect. Why not use it for purifying a balanced essence of living!