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Heat Rash Treatment For Children

A very common problem faced by children during summers is heat rash. This article will talk about heat rash treatment for children in great depth. Read on to find out.
HolisticZine Staff
Heat rash or Miliaria are small red eruptions that occur on the back, face, neck, stomach, hips, and all over the body. Miliaria is common during the summer season and in humid weather. It occurs when the body temperature becomes high due to the heat outside or dresses worn. This makes the person sweat, which results in heat rash. As it can cause severe itching, treating it becomes very important. Let us take a look at the intervention methods.
Treatment for Kids
Follow the below-mentioned steps to relieve your child from heat rash.
Skin irritation is a common heat rash symptom. If you find your child scratching and notice that the skin has turned red, remove the clothing so that the skin can breathe freely.
Don't use a towel to dry the skin. Keep the child in a shady spot, and let the cool natural breeze dry the sweat.
Bathe the child with cold water and apply some ice packs. This is a tried and tested treatment for heat rash.
Apply some calamine lotion on the rash for a soothing effect. Consult a doctor before applying the lotion, as he/she may suggest some other ointments too.
Do not apply the ointments, which you use, on the child. These ointments may be suitable for adults but may irritate the delicate skin of children.
Always dress your children in cotton clothes, and let their body breathe freely to avoid skin rashes. Children play a lot hence they tend to sweat. These cotton clothes absorb the sweat and reduce the chances of heat rash. However, even if they do get it, you can administer the above treatment options.
Treatment for Toddlers
Heat rash is not painful but extremely annoying for toddlers. This is because they are just learning to walk and run. They tend to get very cranky because of the irritation caused. Have a look at some of the remedies mentioned below:
Loosen or remove the toddler's clothing and let the skin cool.
Use a mini fan to dry out the rash instead of doing it in an air conditioned room.
Add some baking soda or crushed oats in the bathing water. This is a very effectual home remedy.
If he/she is unwilling to take a bath, then you can bring down the body temperature by wiping with a wet cloth.
Apply ice packs over the rash at least twice a day till it gets cured completely.
Ensure to put on only the bare minimum clothes on your toddler. Let him/her roam about freely.
Consult your pediatrician for ointments and apply them until the rash fades away.
In order to prevent rashes, always dress them up in light cotton clothes only.
Treatment for Babies
The best heat rash cure for your baby will be to give him/her a cool water bath. Do not use hot water, as it may aggravate the problem. Add some baking soda to the water to provide additional relief.
Keep the baby hydrated by giving him/her plenty of fluids, as it can reduce the chances of developing heat rash.
To make the treatment effective, apply an ice pack on the rash.
Keep the baby in cool temperatures. Close the windows and switch on the air conditioner to cool the room.
Use cotton nappies instead of baby diapers, because cotton nappies are washable and more comfortable for the babies.
Use only pure cotton clothes for the baby.
If your child, baby, or toddler suffers from fever, take him/her to the doctor immediately. If the rash does not subside even after two days, it is a cause of concern and needs immediate medical attention.
During summers or when the weather is humid, everyone feels hot. We dress up in shorts and cool summer clothes but end up making the kids wear plenty of clothing. Though our intentions are noble, we unknowingly end up making them feel uncomfortable. Remember to dress the kids in suitable cotton clothing. Let them play in shade and always give them fluids to keep their body well-hydrated. This will minimize the chances of a prickly heat rash. In case the children still suffer from heat rash, then the above-mentioned treatment options will prove to be beneficial.
Disclaimer: This HolisticZine article is for informative purposes only and should not be used as a replacement for expert medical advice.