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How to Clear Stuffy Ears

You must have come across a collection of instructions and remedies on clearing stuffy ears. This article has some more for you. Rest assured that these are quite different than the ones you've read about and just as effective.
HolisticZine Staff
The strangest thing about stuffy ears is that you don't even realize that you have them until after a considerable portion of the day is up and you figure that the reason you think you're speaking extra loud is because your ears are stuffed and your own voice is resonating. You may develop stuffy ears due to various reasons like excess earwax, water in the ears or even a sinus or ear infection. This Buzzle article will give you some ideas on how you can clear stuffy ears, by using some different methods.
Rubbing Alcohol
It has been observed that rubbing alcohol helps in easing the discomfort caused by blocked ears. Rubbing alcohol contains about 97.5% concentrated ethanol. All you have to do is purchase it from the chemist after clearly reading the label for the concentration level. Now, put some of this in an ear dropper and drip about 2 to 3 drops of it in your stuffy ear. You might experience a warm sensation in your ear while the alcohol dissolves any solid substances and/or eases the inflammation in your ear. After about a minute, tilt your head and see to it that the alcohol is drained out from your ear. Your ear will feel good as new!
Warm Coconut Oil and Turmeric
You can also substitute the alcohol for a more popular option - warm oil. Now, there are a lot of different kinds of oils that can be used to clear a blocked ear. Virgin olive oil, though, is the favorite of everyone and is often suggested as one of the remedies. However, you can also try out coconut oil. Just take a spoon of coconut oil and heat it until it is lukewarm. When it is warm enough to touch, add a small pinch of turmeric in it. Mix this solution nicely and pour it into the stuffy ear while it is still warm. You can also soak a cotton ball in this solution and squeeze it into the ear. The warm oil will melt away any particles and earwax, while the turmeric is an effective antiseptic for any probable wound or infection. You may also add a clove or two of garlic in the oil while it heats up. Garlic too, is an expert antiseptic.
Jaw Exercises
Many people recommend constant yawning as an efficient remedy for clearing a congested ear canal. But sometimes, you simply can't yawn! So, instead of yawning, you can indulge in some simple jaw exercises like opening your mouth wide and closing it frequently. You can even do the simplest thing and that is to chew a wad of chewing gum, so that your jaw gets sufficient exercise, resulting in a motion that will activate the ear muscles and clear any congestion in it.
Cold Compress
Yes, you may be wondering how something cold can possibly help you get rid of a condition that is most probably brought on due to a cold itself, right? Well, you'll be surprised to know that using a cold compress works rather effectively in clearing a stuffed ear. So, get a few cubes of ice in a thick handkerchief and place it on the side of your face (the side of the affected ear). Make sure the compress is big enough to touch the lymph nodes under the jaw. These are connected to your ear and in case it is inflamed, a cold compress will act as an effective salve.
By far, the most effective remedy to clear stuffy ears is definitely what the doctor ordered. Consult your E.N.T. specialist about your stuffy ear condition, if it's getting unbearable, uncomfortable and is persisting for a very long period. He'll most probably prescribe some decongestant medication. These can be in the form of ear drops, nasal sprays, or even pills. Do not consume any of these without the express prescription of the doctor.
If the stuffiness in your ears does not ease with any of these remedies, or if it is accompanied by a severe earache, the best thing would be to consult your doctor at the earliest and avoid a grave emergency. If not, then feel free to try any of these methods out to clear those stuffy ears and hear loud and clear again!