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How to Lower TSH Levels Naturally

How to Lower TSH Levels Naturally

Hypothyroidism needs apt treatment, with medicines for controlling high TSH levels, and natural ways too have found space. Know how to lower TSH levels naturally, in the following.
Dhanashree Patane
Last Updated: Mar 17, 2018
Thyroid issues are no longer taken casually, considering the serious effects they can cause. There are two types of thyroid disorders, hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism. Both these conditions are caused by an imbalance in the thyroid hormone, mainly tri-iodothyronine (T3) and thyroxine (T4 ). Low production of hormones leads to hypothyroidism, and high levels contribute to hyperthyroidism. We will discuss hypothyroidism that is caused due to the drop in the level of thyroid hormones. The thyroid is responsible for some of the most important body functions. Metabolism in the body is vital among those.

So we know that low thyroid hormones cause this disorder, but what is the mechanism that triggers low production and affects the thyroid hormones. The hormone that plays a major role in the production of thyroid hormones is called TSH, that is, thyroid stimulating hormone. It is also called thyrotropin. TSH that is produced in the pituitary gland is responsible for triggering the balanced release of thyroid hormones. When there is a high amount of TSH production, lower production of thyroid hormones will typically cause an under-active thyroid, that is hypothyroidism. A TSH test is usually the first step to diagnosis thyroid disorders. When the diagnosis suggests high TSH levels, the patient will be suggested with hypothyroidism treatment that will lower the levels and aid in balance of the thyroid hormones and functioning. Along with medical treatment, a lot of people today opt for natural remedies to treat this condition. We will explore some of the ways on lowering thyrotropin levels naturally.

Lowering TSH Levels

The reason for high TSH levels is that there are not enough thyroid hormones being produced. Encouraging the production of these hormones will help in simultaneously balancing the levels of the thyroid hormones. The most common treatment for lowering TSH levels that will be prescribed medically will be oral medication. Usually, treatment includes thyroid hormone therapy like levothyroxine. Using natural ways for treatment ensures a completely safe way to lower TSH levels, with keeping all side effects at bay. The natural remedies will enable steady hormone levels, and hence a healthy thyroid. Listed are some of the options on lowering TSH levels naturally.
  • The most important is to consult your doctor about the current medicines that you are taking, and also that you plan to combine a natural therapy with these medicines. Learn about what ingredients and food will affect the medicinal course of treating hypothyroidism.
  • With diet forming an important part, make sure you follow a healthy diet. Certain foods affect the functioning of thyroid like spinach, broccoli, cabbage, kale, cauliflower, turnip, mustard greens, millet, peanuts and pine nuts, etc. Consult your doctor for a diet, and also make sure to take supplements like iron and calcium only after discussing the same with your doctor. The diet should only consist of freshly cooked food. Include lots of vitamin B-rich foods like nuts and seeds. Drinking plenty of water, and including salt high in iodine will also benefit. Avoid the consumption of alcohol and also avoid smoking.
  • There are certain natural ingredients that are remedies for treating a low thyroid. Coleus forskohlii, Avena sativa (oat), Fucus vesiculosus, Equisetum arvense, Medicago sativa, Centella asiatica, Bladderwrack, Agnus Castus, and Siberian Ginseng, are some of the common and effective names for treating low thyroid. Many of these are herbal plants. Having tea made with these extracts will help. Others are also available in the form of pills.
  • Many health experts also suggest therapies like acupuncture. Some other suggested therapies include reflexology techniques, that is when pressure is applied on certain parts of the body, certain hormones and glands will be stimulated, that can help thyroid. The traditional techniques of yoga and breathing, also called 'Pranayama', are extremely beneficial for curing low thyroid and high TSH levels. Other techniques and treatments practiced are, osteopathy, neuropathic medicine, Chinese medicine, biofeedback, etc.
  • Experts have found certain deficiencies in people with high TSH levels. The most common one being iodine, and others are selenium, and folic acid. Otherwise also the diet should consist of a good amount of minerals like calcium, manganese, iron, copper, etc. You can also check with your doctor for fish oil supplements, since it has the properties to heal symptoms of hypothyroidism, TSH levels will gradually balance out too. Avoiding high cholesterol food is advised. Soak yourself in the early morning sun for a few minutes.
Remember to take natural therapies only after proper consulting. Though they do not have any side effects, it is advised to have proper knowledge of the remedies and then follow the same. Nature has a lot to its medicinal treasure, and sure it does have lots to give you for hypothyroidism as well.